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Slapping Back at SLAPPers

Lawsuits like this are called SLAPP suits, an onomatopoeic acronym for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. They are typically used by powerful and wealthy parties to limit free speech and the right to assemble by filing defamation or similar lawsuits against political or community activists. Their purpose is not to win damages — the victims of SLAPP suits are often judgment proof nonprofits or individual activists — but to harass. They work because civil litigation is lengthy, and it often takes months or years before the plaintiff’s claims are tested. (In the American legal system, a plaintiff’s lawsuit need only assert... Read More



The LEO Lip.....writing on the Metro
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Homlessness, we cannot care just at Christmas

As the temperature struggled to reach 30 degrees last Friday morning in Louisville, police and...
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Say It Loud

Appalled and outraged in November last year, I co-organized a rally to protest that time...
Editor’s Note
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The Mayor’s Chief Problem

Mayor Greg Fischer has a profound political vulnerability — Police Chief Steve Conrad. The issues...
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‘What in the actual f$&k are you doing whitey!’

This is our white guy issue of LEO right? We’re gonna be talking all about...