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Pride 2018 — A culture shift : where misgendering isn’t the norm, but the exception

In December 2017, my partner Theo and I went to the Janet Jackson concert at the YUM! Center. While standing in the middle of a 15-person line for the bathroom, an attendant came over and patted me on the arm. ‘Ma’am, the women’s room is over there,’ he said, pointing. Elevator eyes evaluated my appearance, launching side conversations and snickers along the line as I responded, ‘I’m aware of what line I’m in, Thank you.'”



Guest Commentary
Kate Sedgwick

Pro Trans = Pronouns

“It’s just hard for me to use ‘they’ as a singular pronoun,” he says, smiling....
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Shane Peabody Powell

Ye, Bourdain… Kanye hits again

It’s a hot and rainy evening here in Possibility City, and the suicide of Anthony...
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Aaron Yarmuth

Not fair enough in Kentucky

No other issue captures the urban-rural divide quite like issues of fairness, or equality under...
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Keith Stone

LEO — not always first,
 always more interesting.

Interesting. Provocative. Informative. Useful. Confrontational. Funny. Irreverent... These have been hallmarks of LEO Weekly through...