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Drink What? Kombucha Craze Explained

Once obscure, many kombucha brands are popping up on supermarket shelves and in restaurants, and increasingly home-brew versions can be found in the closets or garages of DIY drinkers. In 2018, the kombucha market was estimated to be worth over $412 million, growing 42% from 2017 according to Nielsen. And amidst this fad, Elixir Kombucha has been making and selling its brew in Louisville since 2016.”      



Editor’s Note
Aaron Yarmuth

Mayor Fischer: 1, Gov. Bevin: -1

“Seriously, @louisvillemayor?” tweeted Gov. Matt Bevin at Mayor Greg Fischer. “Stop embarrassing the city of...
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Breaking the Gender Binary

Well, I went and did it. I finally added pronouns (he/him) to my social media...
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Marc Murphy

Those Loyal To Greed, Power Will Not Stop Bloodshed

Louisville sent a message to U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell tonight. This was mine: Shooters sometimes...
Managing Editor's Note
Keith Stone

Homeless? Run ‘Em Out Of Town

What’s next for the city’s homeless people? Maybe Metro City Council will pass an ordinance...