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GoHo Provisions embraces all of the restaurant cliches

GoHo Provisions will feature a robust menu, with signature plates that include sorghum-infused barbecue, truffle oil fried chicken, bourbon ramen, fried chicken ramen, pizzas, a rotating ‘bacon inspirations’ du jour selection, charcuterie and shareables. ‘The table setting is very important to us,’ Dunaway added. ‘All furnishings are made with reclaimed wood from World Market.’ Each table is lit with a single Edison bulb encased in a pendant-shaped brushed-copper cage, and named after a farmer, or ‘agri-partner,’ as the staff refers to them, who provide meats and produce for the forthcoming restaurant. ‘You’re sitting at Charlie right now. Great local honey. You’ll... Read More



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Burying our heads in the weeds

We have a weed crisis in this country. Weed needs to be legalized as soon...
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