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The Internet didn’t kill the radio: A Q&A with ‘This American Life’s’ Ira Glass

The thing I’ll say is the country we find ourselves in the day after the election does not seem different than the one we found ourselves in the day before. Before the election, we seemed like a completely split country with two different narratives — Democrats and Republicans have two different stories about what’s going on in the country, how bad things are, what the main problems are… we don’t even agree on that. Like, Democrats don’t think immigration is the biggest, most-pressing problem. Republicans, as a voting unit, do not think climate change is real. Each side has a radically-different... Read More



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How to rig an election

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The value of the worst president ever, moving the traitors’ statue

You’re back? What the bloody hell? I thought you promised to remain in the Albion...
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Aaron Yarmuth

GLI, Get Lost Immediately

It is time to question whether Greater Louisville Inc., the city’s chamber of commerce, is a...
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“A Great Civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within”—...