Issue March 25, 2015


A radical education

A few years ago, Jim Bates was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) when a story came on about indie rock musician Will Oldham, who records under the moniker Bonnie Prince Billy. The story caught Bates’ attention because he recalled a Will Oldham from his days as a music teacher at the J. Graham Brown … Continued


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25 Dr. Dog Mercury Ballroom 611 S. 4th St., 583-4555 $23; 8 p.m. With a genuinely interesting twist on lo-fi 60s pop-rock, Dr. Dog was like My Morning Jacket in that, when they appeared on the national radar, it felt like a victory that this sort of oddball psychedelic sugar could get … Continued

Heartworn Highways: Catching up with Houndmouth

Relaxing on a day off in Austin, Texas before their performances as part of the SXSW Festival, Matt Myers, guitarist and vocalist for Houndmouth, was relaxed and frank in everything asked of him, and more than willing to share. You get the sense in talking with him that he and the rest of the band … Continued

b-sides: Ryley Walker

Folk music’s a living thing, forever bending to not just new lyrical conceits, but sundry musical influences. And The New Vintage is set to host a handful of players plying the genre, adjusting it as they see fit. Ryley Walker’s work, though, might just be as malleable as anyone else’s. “It’s the history of Chicago … Continued

Plugged In (Mar. 25 – Mar. 31)

WED March 25th Diamond Pub (St. Matthews): Devereaux; 10 p.m. Gerstle’s: Kimmet & Doug; 9 p.m. Haymarket: Cam Meekins, Cato Matt; 8 p.m. Headliners: Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band, Dads, Field Mouse; 8 p.m.; $13 Jack Fry’s: Ray Johnson, Dave Wilson, Jenna Mattingly; 7 p.m. Louisville Palace: Sing-Off Live Tour; 7:30 p.m. Majid’s: Barb … Continued

Shawn Sleeps Naked – Voided

Shawn Sleeps Naked Voided (self-released) With “Voided,” the second album by Shawn Sleeps Naked, the band offers subtle improvements on their stripped down alt-rock sound. The songs are mellow, but not necessarily melancholy, like a punchier Pavement with a bit more David Berman in the vocals. The guitars jangle and the rhythm section produces, at … Continued

Marc Adams – Dead Poet 2: Season 2

Marc Adams Dead Poet 2: Season 2 (self-released) Marc Adams came onto my radar via his recent collaboration with Kogan Dumb on the track “Oscar.” Little did I know that Adams had just dropped the trap-heavy “Dead Poet 2: Season 2” at the very tail end of 2014. What Adams offers is a traditional kind … Continued

Twenty First Century Fox – Pet Rounds

Twenty First Century Fox Pet Rounds (self-released) What started as a The B-52’s cover band has evolved into a punchy indie vehicle. A continuation of their previous themes, “Pet Rounds” is as danceable as ever — the same energy that informed their earlier work is present, tempered here by a sort of twinkling classic indie … Continued

Houndsmouth – Little Neon Limelights

Houndmouth Little Neon Limelights (Rough Trade) As they jump off the sugary Americana train that they initially rode to success (before that corner of the genre inevitably crashes), in favor of becoming a full-fledged pop band, Houndmouth, on their second full-length, vividly show their strengths — glistening harmonies, infectious melodies — as well as their … Continued

BOOK: ‘Widow’ author and teacher 
explores pain and humor

“She will encase what is caustic deeply beyond a glassy surface.” The perceptive reader will see plenty of interest both at and beyond the surface in Michelle Latiolais’ story collection “Widow.” Two of the stories therein are Pushcart nominees — but the sequencing of the flash pieces and longer narratives adds to a cumulative impact … Continued

Video Tapeworm

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS INTERSTELLAR 2014; $22.98; PG-13 Director/Writer Christopher “The Dark Knight” Nolan struggles to visualize higher orders of math, the joys of science and our ultimate destiny — to colonize a universe beyond our understanding — for the unwashed masses. Frankly, due to an ever-expanding moron segment of our gene pool it may … Continued

Winston’s rolls out revamped menu, welcomes back Sea Bass

Winston’s Restaurant and Chef John Castro kicked off 2015 by revamping the award-winning restaurant’s menu. It rolled out some dishes of note in a sneak peek luncheon last week that included the return of an old favorite and a delicious but messy foray into bone marrow. Castro presented 11 samples, ranging from a “Not Brown” … Continued

It’s my party

My (long-suffering) fiancé, John, had a celebratory dinner with workmates scheduled last Saturday for 7 p.m. at a popular sushi-hibachi restaurant in Fern Creek. At 7:45, he texted me: Still waiting for a table. Sure, it was Saturday night, and the place was packed, but that seemed a little bit too much of a delay. … Continued

Sunday, day drinking to calm your tits

Ahhhhhh. Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief and gratitude for that first sign of the glorious sun after Louisville’s Snowpocalypse 2015 — or what I refer to as a dark, dark place in my life when I stayed in my underwear until 4 p.m. every day, binge eating canned goods that have lived far … Continued

‘The Coronation: The Refinement of a Queen’

Over the last two years, completing my autobiography remained an unfinished goal. Thankfully, 2014 intensified my motivation to finish this project and I am happy to announce that my first book, “The Coronation,” will be released in 2016! I chose to write this book because after years of sharing my story, I realized how important … Continued

Smart, luxurious living

Next month, Apple will begin selling its new Watch, which will bring to users’ wrists what they already have on their computers, tablets and phones. The company believes this exciting new technology will make it easier than ever to browse Etsy while having sex. Apple also considers the Watch to be an important milestone in … Continued

Unusually typical McConnell

Here it is folks: the moment some of you never thought would come. The White House’s response to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s re-election victory was unproductive at best, or immature and childish at worst. Regardless of whether or not you like Netanyahu, would or would not have voted for him, agree or disagree with how … Continued

Inbox – March 25, 2015

An Ignorant Citizenry It is heartening, as Aaron Yarmuth pointed out (March 18 Editor’s Note), that people are dissatisfied with their government. He seems to feel that those citizens might now go on the offensive to change things. Sorry, but it’s not happening. Two changes could be made that would solve most of our problems: … Continued