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Lonely in the kitchen: 
Restaurant worker shortage hits Louisville

With a remarkable number of new eateries opening in town this summer (There were at least half a dozen in just one week in July), owners and managers are finding it difficult to fill positions with qualified employees. Not only are there more jobs to fill, but conversations with restaurant owners and managers revealed that many potential hosts, bussers and other staff can find similarly paying jobs with better hours.”



Two Brits in the Lou

Foodport: sham or a shame? Student-Athletes: sham and shame?

Got to admit I am somewhat perplexed. Your permanent state of mind. What don’t you...
Holly Houston

Slippery slopes

When I was in law school, in 1992, I was horrified when eugenics, or forced...
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Aaron Yarmuth

Help protest Kentucky Farm Bureau hatred at state fair

The Kentucky Farm Bureau still hates gays. The insurance company, and its lobbying arm, which...
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I shouldn’t be dreaming of such things

Summer 2016 is major suckin’, and I’m looking forward to its funeral... My brain has...