What will/should happen 
in 2019?

Good, bad or embarrassing, much of the future is predictable. Amazon and Walmart— the wealthiest companies in the world — still won’t pay employees livable wages. Elon Musk will be the first person to live on Mars, and Donald Trump... Read More ›

Balancing Airbnbs

It’s remarkable what the Louisville Metro Council is capable of when not distracted by loose belts and bathhouses. The council is showing signs of serious, constructive governing. Recently, an ordinance was filed that would put a three-month hold on issuing... Read More ›

Mitch must recuse himself

A pivotal moment of the Watergate scandal was when Kentucky Republican Sen. Marlow Cook called for President Nixon’s resignation. The rebuke of the president by a member of his own party, ultimately, doomed Cook’s political future. But history has validated... Read More ›

We ignore homelessness

One homeless person has died already while living on the streets as winter arrives. On Thanksgiving weekend, another homeless man died when someone allegedly set fire to his tent, which was part of a homeless camp where 15 to 20... Read More ›

Talking Turkey

[Ed. note: This is a throwback, timeless column, first published Nov. 24, 2004 by LEO’s founder. Unfortunately, the issues he raises are perhaps even more relevant today.] Let’s give thanks for our friends. Friends bring joy to our lives, help... Read More ›

Election just the beginning

Republicans won the high-profile races, but Democrats won the night. Kentucky has a long way to go, but Louisville is where the tide begins to turn… and this election speaks to that. Here are a few quick takes on who... Read More ›

Bevin got it right and wrong

We went to print as America was going to the polls, so election commentary will have to wait until next week. This week, we look at the next election. No, not the 2020 presidential election — the election of our... Read More ›

Vote to kick them out

Vote. By voting in this election... and only by voting... can we begin to break the political fever that is sickening this country and provoking violence against blacks and Jews and attacks on politicians and our government. Politicians are simple.... Read More ›

Trick or Treat on this

LEO may be full of grumpy, politically-correct, snowflake liberals who think everything is wrong, but we also like scary stories... and lame trick-or-treat references. This is my treat for you: A pillowcase full of the scariest tricks and sweetest treats... Read More ›

Fix our sewage city

Louisville needs to get past this November’s election so the Metro City Council can approve a plan to fix the city’s sewers. Our sewers cannot be used for political posturing. Among the challenges facing the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District are... Read More ›