You can’t buy our love

Impeached President Donald Trump’s relationship with America is like that of an abusive spouse (Trump) whose few redeemable qualities (at least in the eyes of some) persuade the abused (his supporters) to overlook his immorality and verbal abuse and stick... Read More ›

Budget Forecast Bad… Light Up!

Former Gov. Matt Bevin is leaving behind a $1.1 billion deficit for Gov. Andy Beshear — and all of us. So much for being the hotshot CEO he bragged about for four years. Bevin’s budget director, John Chilton, sent a... Read More ›

Louisville’s ‘Dark Waters’

Louisville’s drinking water is the best tasting tap water in the country. That’s what we’ve been told by the American Water Works Association — twice! Even actress Busy Philipps said so after doing a blind taste test on “Live with... Read More ›

A Chance To Connect The City

More road construction and downtown traffic jams are not usually things to be excited about, but a $140 million redevelopment of Broadway could be worth the headache. Overhauling Broadway is major piece of the city’s Move Louisville plan, a 20-year,... Read More ›

New Governor’s To-Do List

Gov.-Elect Beshear, congratulations on a tremendous victory and, on a personal note, I expect to be unblocked from the governor’s official Twitter account Day 1. Speaking of Day 1, let’s talk about setting the tone for the next four years... Read More ›


Forgive the crude language, but WTF is happening in Jefferson County Public Schools? Maybe you saw the classroom fight between a JCPS student and teacher, captured on a viral cellphone video taken by another student. The 14-year-old student and teacher... Read More ›

Be More Socialist, Like Jesus

I am not a socialist. Nor am I a Christian... and I’m not here to convert anybody. But, for god’s sake, LEO Weekly preaches the Gospel better than does Gov. Matt Bevin and the rest of the capitalist-crusading Christian conservatives!... Read More ›

Ban Driver Cellphone Use

Washington state in 2007 became the first in the nation to ban texting while driving. At that time, 76% of American adults had a cellphone. This was also the year the first iPhone was released. Today, 96% of American adults... Read More ›