What If… Bevin Year-5?

This week, LEO is taking a special look at Gov. Andy Beshear’s first year in office. You think the last year was bad? The following is a made-for-print dramatization of what Kentucky might be dealing with had former-Gov. Matt Bevin... Read More ›

Random, unused thoughts, 2020

As I sit in my cluttered makeshift home office, with the chaos of a 17-month-old running his John Deere “tractor” back and forth on the floor above me, I’m excited that we’ve reached the end of 2020. It’s not just... Read More ›

Hanukkah II — Honoring 2020

Hanukkah was never celebrated in my house when I was growing up. My Catholic mom and Jewish dad were fairly explicit from early on that figuring out religion was entirely up to me. (So, holidays are for presents, and Sundays... Read More ›

Pols, not restaurants deserve ire

If you are looking to be outraged, you’ll have to wait for the dessert course of this column. For starters, though, swallow your outrage over those complaining that restaurant restrictions during the pandemic are unfair. At least, resist predetermining boycotts... Read More ›

State GOP Priority? Attack Andy

Talking sports with my dad over Thanksgiving weekend, he remarked that he’s not rooting against anyone any longer. While he still has his favorite teams and players, he realized he wasn’t rooting against anyone. He surmised this was the result... Read More ›

The Dems Are Alright

Don’t worry, Democrats. It really isn’t as bad as it seems. Hot take-pundits are claiming Democratic failure, but that failure is measured against inflated expectations — rather, the disappointment Democrats may feel are the result of unreasonable optimism and ravenous... Read More ›

Vote for the better candidate

I get it… “Both parties are the same!” (No, they’re really not.) “The two-party system is broken!” (Yeah, because the two-party system needs two parties! Democrats are in one party and Republicans are posing as a party and only want... Read More ›