Bevin hangover in November

The last time there was a contentious, three-way primary in a Kentucky gubernatorial election, it worked out well for Matt Bevin in 2015. So, I guess you could say there’s hope for Andy Beshear, the Democratic nominee who survived that... Read More ›

Burning down the city

The grand Notre Dame Cathedral was falling apart long before the fire, but France had trouble raising enough for the restoration: only a third of what was needed. Yet, within two days of the fire, over 1 billion euro was... Read More ›

Lobbyists win… we lose

It was a good year for some of Kentucky’s biggest lobbies. The major accomplishments of this year’s legislative session show the Republican supermajority was more concerned about its donors’ interests than in solving our problems. Senate Bill 100, the solar... Read More ›

Lawmakers For Sale

The solar bill before the state legislature has revealed three disgusting truths about how Kentucky laws are made. 1. It takes money to be heard, and the more money you have, the better your views will be represented. 2. Companies... Read More ›