Dear President Bendapudi…

Congratulations on your appointment to become the next president of UofL. Your position and leadership come at a crucial time for the university. While you bring years of experience and perspective to the office, there are unique undercurrents that you... Read More ›

Teachers join the resistance

Teachers from 120 strong school districts marching at the state Capitol validate the belief that a wave is coming to Kentucky and Washington, D.C. this November. It’s easy to attribute the political activism we’re seeing across the country to the... Read More ›

Protect The Fur

Kentucky is the worst state in the country when it comes to animal protection laws, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. We have been at the bottom of the list for 11 straight years. An examination of the politics... Read More ›

17 too young to marry

Despite lawmakers’ best efforts to keep Kentucky stuck in the past, the Commonwealth may be stepping out of the Dark Ages (at least on this issue), by raising the legal-marriage age to 18 years old... for the most part. Senate... Read More ›

Dr. Ricky Jones For President

[Will UofL Professor Dr. Ricky L. Jones become UofL's next president? Dr. Jones and LEO Executive Editor Aaron Yarmuth make a case for why he won't, but why he should be.] It’s easy to discount Dr. Ricky Jones’ candidacy to... Read More ›

One Month At A Time

[Editor’s note: LEO founder and former editor John Yarmuth wrote this column Feb. 12, 1997.] I learned something extraordinary last week. I learned that the golf tee, that a little piece of wood indispensable to the sport, was invented in... Read More ›

‘Enough is enough’

Anytime is the right time to talk about making schools safe from guns. After the Las Vegas mass shooting was the right time, because maybe we could have prevented the shooting in a Marshall County, Kentucky high school. After Marshall... Read More ›

To win, GOP changes rules

A hallmark of the modern Republican Party is: If you can’t beat ‘em, change the rules... and then beat ‘em. Coal is not the energy of the future. But the Kentucky GOP appears determined to keep it on life support... Read More ›

SCALA: Work with us not above us

Make no mistake, the behind-the-scenes maneuvering of the Steering Committee for Action on Louisville’s Agenda, or SCALA, has been going on for about a year. Longer than, most notably, David Jones Jr. and Sr., have been publicly acknowledging. The group’s... Read More ›

Prayer is not enough

As with every issue, “The West Wing” has the perfect answer. After the Marshall County school shooting, politicians of both parties extended their “thoughts” and “prayers.” Two children were killed and 18 wounded, and our leaders respond with typical, political... Read More ›