I’d take Mitch over Matt

The reality I’ve known for over three decades is over: There is now a plausible scenario in which I would support U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell. If Gov. Matt Bevin challenges McConnell in the 2020 Republican primary, it will be a... Read More ›

Not fair enough in Kentucky

No other issue captures the urban-rural divide quite like issues of fairness, or equality under the law for LGBTQ people. LEO recently published the story of a coffee shop in Elizabethtown that fired an employee for wearing a T-shirt that... Read More ›

Long odds on sports betting

In typical Kentucky fashion, it looks like we’re poised to pass on yet another state revenue opportunity. Sports betting was recently green lighted by the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled that a 1992 federal law is unconstitutional so states can... Read More ›

Vote Tuesday like it’s November

A friend of mine who was a Republican and then became an independent, recently told me he was considering registering as a Democrat. I thought he had seen the light and was a full convert. Not yet. He realized voting... Read More ›

Leet’s campaign is over

Republican mayoral candidate Angela Leet’s avenue to wrest the mayor’s office away from two-term incumbent Greg Fischer was already claustrophobically narrow. After taking a non-position on the possible state takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools, she may have closed that... Read More ›

School state takeover a ploy

“Public schools all over the country have problems, charter schools have problems, independent schools have problems, private schools have problems. They have problems with curriculum, they have problems with race, they have problems with gender, they have problems with history.... Read More ›

Gangs of Louisville

If Gov. Matt Bevin had been in a college fraternity, he would have been a member of a gang, according to the criteria of House Bill 169, which awaits his signature or veto. By the letter of the “Gang Violence... Read More ›

Matt ‘Never To Blame’ Bevin

Matt Bevin has been governor of Kentucky for three legislative sessions and the best he can come up with is: It’s not my fault. From the beginning of his administration, Bevin has used politicians, judges, teachers, the media and any... Read More ›

Dear President Bendapudi…

Congratulations on your appointment to become the next president of UofL. Your position and leadership come at a crucial time for the university. While you bring years of experience and perspective to the office, there are unique undercurrents that you... Read More ›

Teachers join the resistance

Teachers from 120 strong school districts marching at the state Capitol validate the belief that a wave is coming to Kentucky and Washington, D.C. this November. It’s easy to attribute the political activism we’re seeing across the country to the... Read More ›