Trust, Legitimacy

The (self-)esteemed Pegasus Institute think tank presents itself as a credible authority on a range of issues. However, the dust-up over the most-recent protest outside of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s house proved one thing: The Pegasus Institute is more fraud tank... Read More ›

Mayor Fischer: 1, Gov. Bevin: -1

“Seriously, @louisvillemayor?” tweeted Gov. Matt Bevin at Mayor Greg Fischer. “Stop embarrassing the city of Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky by allowing this public disorder... Would you stand for this on your street? Doubt it...” The source of Bevin’s... Read More ›

My Father’s Day

For years, we have jokingly referred to my dad as Forrest Gump. But it’s an apt comparison: Somehow, he’s been involved in a surprising number of historical events of the last 50 years. He worked with Howard Cosell as the... Read More ›

Be Progressive, Not Regressive

Kentucky Democratic candidates are petrified of alienating Trump voters. They are sooo careful to not criticize Donald Trump — they won’t even call a blatantly racist Trump tweet what it is... racist. (See U.S. Senate candidate Amy McGrath and gubernatorial... Read More ›

McGrath Stumbles

In just 24 hours, Amy McGrath spoiled the Democratic race against Mitch McConnell for any other Democrats who might join the fight. Here’s why her campaign is already over. The path to defeating McConnell is microscopically narrow. It has to... Read More ›

Focus, People… Focus!

What do Mitch McConnell, Matt Bevin and the John B. Castleman statue have in common? They’re each at the center of superficial, highly publicized political battles — a lot of nattering over a lot of nothing that affects, or barely... Read More ›

Budget Props Up Politicians

Mayor Greg Fischer said he’s worried that the budget will deepen inequities in the city. We all should share his concern, but we also should be outraged. Why? Because the politicians who chose austerity and draconian budget cuts did more... Read More ›

Thank You, Jenean!

Jenean Hampton’s tenure as lieutenant governor was on track to be one of the shortest, least-interesting footnotes in Kentucky political history. For three years she seemed like little more than an extension of Gov. Matt Bevin’s Twitter feed. Yet, with... Read More ›

Horse Racing, Save Yourself

This piece is part of a package of stories and commentary on horse racing in Kentucky and elsewhere. For more, click here. Growing up, one of my favorite things was to go to Churchill Downs. Poring over the racing forms and... Read More ›