Police union contract slipped through with little reform

The process tells you everything you need to know about the new Fraternal Order of Police contract with the city, approved by Louisville Metro Council last week. Politicians flock to cameras to announce something positive: big-dollar projects, ribbon-cuttings, bill-signing ceremonies. The opposite is true of less-popular or more-controversial initiatives and votes. So, of course, the council scheduled votes on the new Fraternal Order of Police contract for the first week of November. What else could have been going on more important than streaming Metro Council meetings?

On the eve of the election, the Labor and Economic Development Committee passed the FOP contract by a 6-4 vote, which then passed the full Council three days later by a 16-10 vote. That is all we need to know about how popular this agreement would be with a community marching for reforms to its police department: The Council knew it was only going to enrage those feeling the oppression of injustice, and they passed it anyway.

Police accountability? How about an 8% raise in base salary, instead. How about a stipend to live in certain areas of the community.

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