Leaked Bevin emails!

Well, LEO’s feature stories this week are about President Trump’s and Gov. Matt Bevin’s media manipulation and transparency. We figured that in the spirit of the Trump family’s email disclosure we’d just go ahead and make our own email discovery… between our dear Gov. Bevin and his chief of staff Blake Brickman. Why not?


Good morning Governor,
Someone from the Trump administration just reached out and said they have a very interesting media strategy that would be helpful to you and all of your future plans. Said it would be particularly effective in Kentucky and almost assure your reelection. They’d like to setup a call to go over the details of the plan.

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No amount is enough

I knew that economic inequality is at the heart of America’s institutional racism. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew it, too, which is why he marched and fought for civil rights and economic equality. Yet, admittedly, I did not understand... Read More ›

The death panels

Well, we finally have death panels. Among the state laws taking effect this week is Senate Bill 4, changing the structure of medical malpractice lawsuits in Kentucky. Now, claims of malpractice will be reviewed by a panel before they are... Read More ›

Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin have secrets

While the two men are polar-opposite personalities, Gov. Matt Bevin and U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell operate much the same — in secret. They follow the purest conservative ideology, often backed by major conservative funders, the Koch brothers, and they do... Read More ›

Who got hurt at UofL?

All Hail UofL? … No. Aw hell, UofL. On the cover of The Courier-Journal on June 10, a damning story about the years-long, systematic, secretive abuse by ex-UofL President James Ramsey and his top officials… while on page 10, a... Read More ›

Abdication of Leadership

When U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot in the head, I thought America would finally realize we have a gun problem. Then, 20 schoolchildren were massacred by a lunatic armed with his family’s arsenal of weapons, and I thought that... Read More ›

The 140-character coward

Gov. Matt Bevin’s decision to choose social media over traditional media doesn’t promote transparency, as he claims. It allows him to perpetuate the propaganda that he so enjoys. Last week, Bevin posted a Facebook video presenting a warped perspective of... Read More ›

Developers win… again

The city may have negotiated a good deal for a good development, but it’s still being used by a corporation to boost its profit. And in the process, who gets penalized? The rest of us who play by the rules... Read More ›