School’s Out? Let’s Work Together To Help Our Kids And Each Other During This COVID Surge

We’re back to NTI, homeschooling and early pandemic life in many ways. For a lot of parents in Jefferson County and parts of Indiana, the back and forth with the school system is putting a strain on their levels of stress and work life. The kids don’t know what the hell is going on from day to day and educators are fresh out of fucking ideas on how to deal with educating kids when consistency is nowhere to be found. There is no easy remedy, no one to really point fingers at anymore. We’re all complicit and all casualties of the COVID life. 

As far as educating our kids, it’s time that we stop fighting the inevitable and realize that while we are not all qualified to be educators with our kids and that some of us have so little time, we have to help both our schools and our kids. 

Currently, my son’s Montessori school is on break due to COVID and while I was almost ready for him to return to full-time school, this latest wave of COVID infections has put the brakes on that and forced me to make a choice. 

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