Now is the Time For A 
Real Tree Ordinance

“Hot Town,” LEO’s cover story last week, described how trees affect every aspect of life in the city, but how the city is allowing them to die or be destroyed, replaced, in some cases, with parking lots.

Trees are not a luxury item.

They are vital to the health and future of Louisville — “every bit as important to a city as water, sewer and transportation systems,” according to an expert in the story by James Bruggers, of

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Kentucky Swamp

It is true that you get what you pay for… when talking about phone chargers at a highway rest stop. Sure, you paid $1.50 for that $20 iPhone charger because you’re going to use it only twice before throwing it... Read More ›

In Special Interests We Trust

The premise of the recently filed Kentucky bill that would require public schools to prominently display the phrase “In God We Trust” is ridiculous for several reasons. What makes it even worse is that the legislation proposed by Republican state... Read More ›

Don’t occupy Dems!

The only way to replace or even abolish ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, is to elect Democrats this November. In order to do this, we need to pull in the same direction. For Occupy ICE, if that means... Read More ›

JCPS settlement equals 

The Bevin administration is up to something. He didn’t campaign on it, he never announced it as part of his agenda, he certainly hasn’t begun a public dialogue with constituents... but everything he has done relating to Jefferson County Public... Read More ›

Bevin’s Fancy Farm speech

With only hours left before Kentucky politicians converge for the annual political slugfest known as the Fancy Farm Picnic, it remains unclear whether the state’s top politician, Gov. Matt Bevin, will attend and participate. Fortunately, LEO’s crack investigative reporting unit... Read More ›

Killing our universities

The financial future of Kentucky’s colleges and universities is ominous, a recent study warns. It’s one thing to refuse expanded gaming or legalized marijuana to bring in new money, but instead Kentucky’s leaders seem to not understand that the future... Read More ›