Schools Reform — Not Re-Harm

State lawmakers are just pushing papers around the desk, reshuffling them and calling it reform.

Senate Bill 158 would “overhaul” Kentucky’s school accountability system — how performance and progress of schools and districts are measured. Kentucky schools would be measured in colors instead of stars under this bill. This would be the second legislative reform to the accountability system in just four years — the star system being implemented just last October — and it comes after several changes recently ousted Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis had made.

The constant tinkering of the school accountability system creates havoc for teachers, principals and school districts, while doing nothing to actually help students. Legislators should stop legislating reforms and, instead, focus on finding money for projects that improve education — such as buying new textbooks or building new schools. Support Jefferson County Public Schools’ plan to build three elementary schools and a middle school and renovate The Academy @ Shawnee. Make prekindergarten available for every Kentucky child. Ensure every student has access to a healthy meal, or two, while in school. Fund after school and extracurricular programs. Or, stop moving the goal lines.

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