The Mayor’s Chief Problem

Mayor Greg Fischer has a profound political vulnerability — Police Chief Steve Conrad.

The issues facing the Louisville Metro Police Department are real and concerns over Conrad’s ability to lead the department and city through troubling times are valid. And the chief reports directly to the mayor.

Although it has no power to remove the chief, the Metro Council has expressed bi-partisan disapproval through a no-confidence vote.

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Why we are not in office

For LEO’s White Issue, I am turning over the column to my friend James Penny. —Aaron Yarmuth African-Americans make up 9 percent of Kentucky’s population, according to 2016 census data. So why don’t we hold at least 9 percent of... Read More ›

Mayor Fischer’s next challenge

Mayor Greg Fischer recently found two new challengers for his third and final mayoral bid — one from the Republican right, Councilwoman Angela Leet, one from the progressive left, Ryan Fenwick, and independent Jackie Green. The saying goes that: If... Read More ›

An Eccentric time machine special

This year, we thought it would be fun to celebrate Thanksgiving by looking back at what LEO was thankful for in years past. This led us back to what was effectively LEO’s first Thanksgiving issue in 1991. The unsettling thing... Read More ›

Burying our heads in the weeds

We have a weed crisis in this country. Weed needs to be legalized as soon as possible. Nationally, sure. But in Kentucky, a poor state with a pension crisis, there should be no hesitation in mining this (green) gold rush.... Read More ›

Clown car council

By outward appearances, the Louisville Metro Council seems overwhelmed, busy with a tremendous number of vital issues: the gun violence and opioid crises, police Chief Steve Conrad’s status, KFC Yum Center and soccer stadium finances, sanctuary city demands and Councilman... Read More ›

Amazon’s secret play

[Editor's Note: This week, LEO was leaked Greater Louisville's pitch to Amazon. In an article first published on Monday, we offered details, and we asked a local advertising agency pro for their thoughts on the presentation.] There is a big problem... Read More ›

The Jurich lie

Whenever someone has questioned the exorbitant salaries made by coaches of major NCAA sports programs, the response was always: They do so much for the university! They bring in all of that TV money and advertising revenue, and that’s what... Read More ›

Las Vegas? Blame Mitch McConnell

A popular topic of political conversation for years has been: What can we do to get past the partisanship? How can we fix the dysfunction in Washington? The only answer that I can come up with is: nothing... until Mitch... Read More ›