A Little Light Housekeeping: Meet LEO’s New Editor-In-Chief

Y’all, it’s wild times at LEO. Moving into the editor-in-chief’s chair means things start shifting like tectonic plates. This week, we moved Pangea to bring you an issue that we think is fun, super readable, and a little bit different. I’ve told you that LEO is a biweekly print magazine and a daily digital. What does that mean? 

When you pick up LEO on the stand, you pick up something to read over your favorite hot mug. Spend time with the print issue. The stories will be somewhat evergreen so that you can come back anytime within those two weeks and find value. We will still have Staff Picks, which can give you a taste of things we think you should do around the city. It’s the perfect “try something different” section of LEO. 

New To LEO this week are “‘Round the Fire” and “Ask the Mayor.” 

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