Yvette Gentry, the interim police chief we need

Yvette Gentry might call herself “chief for a while,” but she could be the police chief who saves the city.

That might sound hyperbolic, but consider the issues that face the city and what it will take to repair the community’s distrust of police and the unequal justice Black residents face.

Mayor Greg Fischer is still months away from hiring the next full-time chief of police, and the protests — uninterrupted for over 100 days — may escalate if the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor are not charged.

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#JusticeForBreonna, not politics

You may have never heard of Thomas Mann, the 1929 Nobel Prize in Literature laureate, but you probably have heard his most-famous quote: “Everything is politics.” Sure, eventually, everything can be traced back to politics, but that doesn’t mean it... Read More ›

Don’t cancel Derby — use it!

My uncle recently sent me a quote from businessman Stephen Covey: “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Nobody struggles with this more than I do, but…For protesters, seeking justice for Breonna Taylor is the... Read More ›

Reforming police to curb shootings

This summer’s spike of gun violence is pushing Louisville toward a record year of deadly shootings. Over 100 people have been killed by a gun in 2020, closing in on the city’s record of 117 in 2016, and we’ve still... Read More ›

Our leaders’ football fumble

It’s great that many college football players are exercising their freedom to speak out, expressing their desire to play this fall season. But the decision on whether football is played during a pandemic should not be up to them —... Read More ›

Where are the mayor’s allies?

It’s difficult to imagine a time in his last two years as mayor when Greg Fischer will have the political power to bring about the change the community wants and needs. To make change, you need support. To be a... Read More ›

Meeting a hero: Rep. John Lewis

On one occasion early in the Obama presidency, while I was a graduate student at American University, I was my dad’s plus-one to a happy hour-of-sorts at the White House. There, we were free to socialize and roam the main... Read More ›

Keep expanded absentee ballots

The record voter turnout in Kentucky’s primary election demonstrates the emergency plan for voting was a success. Voters surpassed the previous record of votes cast by over 80,000 votes and about 75% of votes cast were done by mail. Secretary... Read More ›