Forgive the crude language, but WTF is happening in Jefferson County Public Schools?

Maybe you saw the classroom fight between a JCPS student and teacher, captured on a viral cellphone video taken by another student. The 14-year-old student and teacher were standing toe-to-toe, and the teacher can be heard asking “You think I’m afraid of you?” The student then pushed her. The teacher rushed forward and screams, “Get your fucking hands off me” and pushed the student to the ground, clearing out several desks and chairs. Punches were thrown by both.

The student was arrested, and the teacher probably should be charged, as well, if the video is any measure.

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Be More Socialist, Like Jesus

I am not a socialist. Nor am I a Christian... and I’m not here to convert anybody. But, for god’s sake, LEO Weekly preaches the Gospel better than does Gov. Matt Bevin and the rest of the capitalist-crusading Christian conservatives!... Read More ›

Ban Driver Cellphone Use

Washington state in 2007 became the first in the nation to ban texting while driving. At that time, 76% of American adults had a cellphone. This was also the year the first iPhone was released. Today, 96% of American adults... Read More ›

Is Bardstown Road Hurting?

Bardstown Road, which has been the cultural heart of Louisville for years, is hurting. Crime, drug use, panhandling and poor traffic flow, among other ailments, are leading the decline of this vital corridor. That is not just me saying it.... Read More ›

AG Must Have Experience

A lawsuit challenging the eligibility of Republican candidate for attorney general Daniel Cameron asserts that he fails to meet the constitutional requirement that the attorney general of Kentucky “shall have been a practicing lawyer eight years before his election.” The... Read More ›

Keep Golf For All Of Us

Finally, we get to talk about golf in LEO. The game of golf is widely considered to be a leisure activity for the wealthy. That is certainly the case for members of golf and country clubs, where it costs tens... Read More ›

One Park Is A Winner

“Why don’t we build Topgolf in your backyard!” was one of the regular responses I heard after expressing my support in this column for the Topgolf project at Oxmoor Mall. Well, the proposed “One Park” project by developer Kevin Cogan... Read More ›

A Leader In The Weed Battle

On Sunday, May 6, 2012, Vice President Joe Biden went on “Meet the Press” and declared he believed same-sex marriage should be legal. “What this is all about is a simple proposition. Who do you love,” he said. At the... Read More ›

Trust, Legitimacy

The (self-)esteemed Pegasus Institute think tank presents itself as a credible authority on a range of issues. However, the dust-up over the most-recent protest outside of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s house proved one thing: The Pegasus Institute is more fraud tank... Read More ›