Erika Shields Is Promoting The School To Prison Pipeline By Pushing For Officers In Schools

Erika Shields, Louisville’s police chief, came to the city after resigning in Atlanta following the killing of Rayshard Brooks, who was accused of pointing a taser — a non-fatal weapon — at police… while also running away. Yes, I raised my eyebrows, too. That’s not why we’re here, though. Shields, who comes to Louisville with a number of Black bodies in her wake, is now suggesting we allow a police force to be installed in our schools, alongside our children. 

“Without having dedicated school resource officers trained in identifying gang members, conflict… we’re lacking critical intelligence. There simply has to be the acknowledgement… if we don’t wanna be here again… we can’t sit here with our thumbs up our ass, do nothing different and think we won’t be up at this podium,” Shields said.

This statement by Shields should alarm every parent. Every parent. Shields, like most in law enforcement and many in government, is firmly planted in the idea that to solve the issue of youth violence, the only solution is to profile and send young children to jail right out of the classroom. Police, according to Shields, should be there to spy on and strong-arm young people. There are many reasons this is outrageous and a mess of a suggestion. Shields said the quiet part out loud, and parents of all kids should be at her office door. 

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In Conclusion: Happy Father’s Day

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