Lobbyists win… we lose

It was a good year for some of Kentucky’s biggest lobbies. The major accomplishments of this year’s legislative session show the Republican supermajority was more concerned about its donors’ interests than in solving our problems. Senate Bill 100, the solar... Read More ›

Lawmakers For Sale

The solar bill before the state legislature has revealed three disgusting truths about how Kentucky laws are made. 1. It takes money to be heard, and the more money you have, the better your views will be represented. 2. Companies... Read More ›

Sports Betting For Dummies

The theme for this week’s column is: How smart can dumb be? The Courier Journal and every other daily newspaper has been publishing the betting lines on every major game in the country, every day for decades. It’s about time... Read More ›

And, not or… and cheating

While Mayor Greg Fischer is barnstorming the city selling his tax increase proposal — warning of a dystopian future if he must resort to budget cuts — some Republicans on the Metro Council are cheating off each others’ talking points...... Read More ›

Budget cuts don’t spark joy

Our governor must have read the zeitgeist icon of our time — Marie Kondo — whose wisdom and advice books have helped bring order to millions around the world. Her revolutionary system for decluttering one’s life hinges on whether the... Read More ›

Calculated Insanity

“Idiots and insane persons” According to Section 145 in Kentucky’s Constitution, the right to vote is guaranteed to all its citizens... except to “idiots and insane persons.” That may cast too wide a net — it’s unlikely a majority of... Read More ›