Bevin got it right and wrong

We went to print as America was going to the polls, so election commentary will have to wait until next week. This week, we look at the next election. No, not the 2020 presidential election — the election of our... Read More ›

Vote to kick them out

Vote. By voting in this election... and only by voting... can we begin to break the political fever that is sickening this country and provoking violence against blacks and Jews and attacks on politicians and our government. Politicians are simple.... Read More ›

Trick or Treat on this

LEO may be full of grumpy, politically-correct, snowflake liberals who think everything is wrong, but we also like scary stories... and lame trick-or-treat references. This is my treat for you: A pillowcase full of the scariest tricks and sweetest treats... Read More ›

Fix our sewage city

Louisville needs to get past this November’s election so the Metro City Council can approve a plan to fix the city’s sewers. Our sewers cannot be used for political posturing. Among the challenges facing the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District are... Read More ›

Topgolf must happen

What would you say if a company was interested in coming to Louisville, bringing 500 jobs and $264 million over the next 10 years? Not only that, but it would occupy a massive, vacant department store space. Oh, and it... Read More ›

There is no debating it, again

Why would Republican mayoral candidate and Metro Councilwoman Angela Leet want another debate with Mayor Greg Fischer? Hasn’t she lost enough? After last week’s debate, it is obvious that Fischer overwhelms Leet in policy... and politics. Fischer will win this... Read More ›

Kentucky Swamp

It is true that you get what you pay for… when talking about phone chargers at a highway rest stop. Sure, you paid $1.50 for that $20 iPhone charger because you’re going to use it only twice before throwing it... Read More ›