Constipation City

A new study by Ohio State University found that using a simple stool in the bathroom can help with... well, your stool. Seventy-one percent of participants experienced “faster bowel movements,” while 90 percent “reported less straining.” (Google: Squatty Potty) This... Read More ›

‘West Wing’ lessons

For those too young to remember when television wasn’t streamed through an app, “The West Wing” was a political drama that aired on NBC, primarily during the George W. Bush years. It may sound silly, but the show was an... Read More ›

High Time for Medical Pot

The science-based reasons for legalizing medical marijuana are too numerous to list here, but that doesn’t matter — state lawmakers are impervious to facts. So, how about this argument: “It worked for me,” and “I can get it anyway.” Those... Read More ›

People over profits

For more of LEO’s preview coverage of the 2019 legislative session, go here. The 2019 legislative agenda for Greater Louisville Inc. is surprisingly progressive, albeit for the wrong reasons — it is all about making money. To be fair, GLI... Read More ›

Unused thoughts,
 2018 edition

As I sit in my quiet, desolate office the day after Christmas, I’m enthusiastic about my column for LEO’s 52nd issue of the year (and our 28th year of publication). While other news media are publishing and airing year-in-review, self-congratulatory... Read More ›

What will/should happen 
in 2019?

Good, bad or embarrassing, much of the future is predictable. Amazon and Walmart— the wealthiest companies in the world — still won’t pay employees livable wages. Elon Musk will be the first person to live on Mars, and Donald Trump... Read More ›

Balancing Airbnbs

It’s remarkable what the Louisville Metro Council is capable of when not distracted by loose belts and bathhouses. The council is showing signs of serious, constructive governing. Recently, an ordinance was filed that would put a three-month hold on issuing... Read More ›

Mitch must recuse himself

A pivotal moment of the Watergate scandal was when Kentucky Republican Sen. Marlow Cook called for President Nixon’s resignation. The rebuke of the president by a member of his own party, ultimately, doomed Cook’s political future. But history has validated... Read More ›

We ignore homelessness

One homeless person has died already while living on the streets as winter arrives. On Thanksgiving weekend, another homeless man died when someone allegedly set fire to his tent, which was part of a homeless camp where 15 to 20... Read More ›