Thorns & Roses: The Union Bug Bites Louisville, And It's Beautiful To See

Apr 13, 2022 at 12:40 pm
Heine Brothers' workers say they want more pay and benefits.
Heine Brothers' workers say they want more pay and benefits. Adobe stock

ROSE: Louisville Unites

The unionizing bug has bitten Louisville, and it’s beautiful to see. First, Louisville renters organized to advocate for better public housing conditions as part of the new Louisville Tenants Union. Then, Heine Brothers’ employees announced that they would be starting the process of unionization in order to advocate for better wages and benefits. (Oh, and a local Starbucks has started the fight, as well.)

THORN: Excuses, Excuses

In a letter explaining the exoneration of a Louisville police officer filmed punching a protester during an arrest, Chief Erika Shields found it necessary to repeatedly bring up the victim’s criminal history and “attention-seeking” behavior. This history was not why Officer Aaron Ambers said he punched Denorver “Dee” Garrett in the face repeatedly, and it wasn’t the reason given for why Ambers was let off the hook. But, mentioning it has the dual impact of discrediting Garrett and detracting attention away from LMPD’s decision not to punish the officer.  We’re tired of saying it, but we’ll keep on saying it: No matter your criminal history or personality, you still don’t deserve to be beaten by police.

ROSE: Consider Us Canceled 

It’s boring to hate on Louisville all the time, but if you’re going to do it in a funny way, we’ll allow it. Shout out to Twitter user @BigFakeInHell who started a conversation by soliciting “cancellable Louisville takes,” aka unpopular opinions, from the site. Some truth nuggets emerged, including this one from @DigDoug: “Small minded assholes in Frankfort aren’t doing more harm than the ones in Anchorage.”

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