Yarmuth’s Potential Replacements Show Off Their Endorsements, Campaign Funds

It’s been less than a week since Rep. John Yarmuth announced that he is retiring at the end of his current term, and the Democratic contenders for his Louisville-based U.S. House seat are already so focused on flexing their political muscle, it’s beginning to feel more like a bodybuilding competition than a political race. 

State Sen. Morgan McGarvey has been racking up the local and state leader endorsements — even before the field has been set — and sharing them publicly. 

And State Rep. Attica Scott sent out a press release on Friday, announcing the money she’s raised so far.

McGarvey’s list of supporters, now numbering in the 20s, contains several state senators and representatives, despite the fact that Scott is also in the legislature and another state rep, Josie Raymond, has expressed an interest in running. McGarvey’s endorsements include State Rep. Maria Sorolis, who was elected at the same time as Raymond; state Sen. Gerald Neal, Kentucky’s longest serving member of the Senate and House Minority Leader Joni Jenkins. 

McGarvey’s endorsements go beyond the state house, including former Louisville mayor Jerry Abramson, former Lt. Gov. Crit Luallen and Louisville Metro Council President David James. 

“I truly appreciate these early endorsements from so many of these great local leaders,” said Morgan in a statement. “These are the folks who have been on the ground, doing the work in our communities to help Louisville and our commonwealth thrive. Their support means a lot, especially as it is so important that we keep Kentucky’s one Democratic seat in the blue column.”

Scott has collected endorsements of her own, although the ones that she is promoting come from groups, not politicians. In her most recent press release, she said that she has been endorsed by several organizations, including the Sunrise Movement of Kentucky (and Louisville’s chapter), Kentucky Youth Climate Strike, Higher Heights for America and Elect Black Women. 

Scott’s release mostly concentrated on the amount of money she’s raised.The progressive Democrat brought in $70,853 during the third quarter of 2021, with the average amount donated totaling $76.51. None, she said, came from corporate political action committees. 

“This campaign is getting a fresh look from people all over the country following the retirement of Rep. John Yarmuth,” Scott said in a statement. “I’m the only candidate with a consistent voting record on abortion rights, I’m the only candidate who understands what it’s like to grow up in public housing, and I’m the only candidate with life experience that’s relatable to the people of this district.”

But, according to numbers McGarvey has tweeted, he raised more in 21 hours of his campaign than Scott has in three months. 

McGarvey has not yet shared information about who has donated the money. 

But, at least Scott’s in the race. As her and McGarvey play their parts in Political Theatre, Aaron Yarmuth (John Yarmuth’s son who is considering running) and Josie Raymond are waiting in the wings as potential donors —  and Kentucky’s political players — take sides. 

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