Best of the web 2016: A few of our favorite online-only stories

Through the year we publish web-exclusive stories at (parts of which sometimes find their way into print) and for the end of 2016, we printed the best of those stories in our last issue of the year.

Transgender on the job: Employers, customers and economics through the eyes of four transgender people in the Louisville workforce

Curb Your Foodieism: How pretentiousness undercuts Louisville’s food scene

I took my Catholic grandmother to a drag show: A story about how her religious worldview evolved

A Q&A with The Kalashnikov Clowns about the national clown paranoia

Why you might want a gun: We went to Louisville’s NRA convention to talk with a few of the 80,000 attendees

A quick guide to pinball in Louisville

The Connection’s last dance: The historic downtown club was a three-decade fixture of the LGBTQ community

A symphony for the ages: Seven LEO writers on their favorite Zelda soundtracks