Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (4/17)

Apr 17, 2019 at 10:35 am
Kentucky Derby

Bevin takes on his own party  |  Thorn

We are not actuaries or economists, and neither are Gov. Matt “Bellend” Bevin and Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon R. Thayer, so we have no comment on Bevin’s veto of a pension bill. But, bring out your popcorn to watch the state GOP battle Bevin.  “We should be his natural allies, and instead he’s trying to make us into enemies,” Thayer told Spectrum News 1.

Now, Bevin is a b-ball expert  |  Thorn

“Only Matt Bevin could manage to be the worst sport in a game he didn’t even play in.” That from LEO’s dear founder U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, referring to Bevin’s latest beef. See, UofL women’s basketball team Coach Jeff Walz had called out Bevin in a single tweet for ignoring the women’s team while congratulating the UK men’s team. Then, later in a radio interview, Bevin asserted Walz’s team lost in the end because of his “silly distraction” on Twitter. So, who’s the twit?

So... can we get a refund?  |  Thorn

Speaking of sportsball... UofL was dropped from March Madness in the first game. Coach Chris Mack’s annual salary is $4 million. UK was ejected after three wins. Coach John Calipari: $9.2 million a year. University of Virginia won it all. Coach Tony Bennett: $4.1 million annually. (Remember: Kentucky lags nationally in Higher Ed spending, you know, for the real students.)

Old-time derby feeling... ouch!  |  Thorn

Buried in the Courier Journal last week was a story about the Jockeys’ Guild calling off “no-whip” day at Santa Anita Park, where some two dozen horses died recently. It was part of an experiment to see if the lack of a whip would impact betting. California may ban whips. Not here! In the stretch run of American Pharoah’s Kentucky Derby win, the jockey used his whip some 30 times, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Pegasus institute gets its ashes kicked... again  |  Rose

In a CJ op-ed, Metro Councilman Bill Hollander debunked Jordan Harris of the alleged think tank Pegasus Institute. Harris had said Louisville is among the nation’s highest taxed cities. Wrote Hollander: “Instead of blindly repeating claims off the internet, it would help if Mr. Harris and others who have cited them would do some basic research on these clickbait ‘top 10’ lists.”