Thorns and Roses (8-2-23)

Aug 4, 2023 at 4:55 pm
Thorns & Roses
Thorns & Roses
click to enlarge Sen. Mitch McConnell - Photo: Gage Skidmore, Flickr
Photo: Gage Skidmore, Flickr
Sen. Mitch McConnell

Absurd: Retirement Ready

Mitch McConnell appeared to suffer a neurological issue while giving a short speech in Washington last week. The senator paused while speaking, and the pause lasted for nearly 30 seconds before those around McConnell stepped in and removed him from the podium. The absurd part is this, 12 minutes later, they brought the man back out to the public. A person that has clearly suffered some sort of neurological emergency should have been evaluated by physicians and certainly not brought back to the public eye. The whole event raises questions, not only about McConnell’s health, but the dereliction of duties by his fellow party-mates who should have insisted he see a physician immediately. I can’t imagine anything in politics being important enough that you’d have to wheel the veritable corpse of your colleague into the mix instead of seeing that he is treated properly.

Thorns and Roses (8-2-23)
Hanvizi -
Rose: Schools Supplied

For some parents, school is back in session. Here’s to a fruitful school year and a chance for parents to breathe a sigh of relief that their children are back in the learning environment and not clearing out the cupboards and staring at video games all day. 

Daniel Cameron
Photo from
Daniel Cameron, Republican candidate for Kentucky Governor

Thorn: Daniel Cameron Still On Dumb Shit

Because Republicans can sing no new songs, Daniel Cameron has jumped into the Medicaid work requirement chorus even though, we know that song doesn’t get great airplay. It’s amusing to have a Black man spouting the words of the system meant to keep him and poor white folks suffering and sick. But, Daniel doesn’t see the irony of his attempts to climb the scale of despicability. His campaign did attempt to clarify that while he would push for a work requirement as governor, he would take into consideration folks that were “truly vulnerable” like children or individuals who are pregnant, because that certainly makes this better — like adding a saxophone to an already overproduced track. 

Thorns and Roses (8-2-23)
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Rose: The Moons 

Now that we’ve got aliens, this month, we’ll also get two supermoons. One will happen the day before the issue drops but when you pick up your LEO you might still get to see the big full Sturgeon Moon. The second supermoon happens on August 30 and will be a blue moon (aka the second full moon in a month). So witchy types, enjoy — cleanse your spaces, light some candles and charge your crystals.