Soapbox: Where We Know What You’re Thinking

Aug 4, 2023 at 5:06 pm
Soapbox: Where We Know What You’re Thinking

A Bit Close To Home

I picked up your July 19th edition yesterday to get your staff’s burger week reviews. I went to two of the restaurants this week. I began reading your newspaper with Erica’a views, then continued with Thomas’ views, then Dan’s views and finally with Christina’s views. So now I stand before you as heartless, cruel, blatantly evil, paranoid, functionally illiterate, insane, embarrassingly stupid, a moron, unmitigated gall, and a f***ing moron. All your words not mine. Wow! I just wanted to read about hamburgers. I now know what a worthless piece of s*** I am. I thought I was a pretty good person. Retired now from a full time job and a part time job to raising four children and put them through 12 years of catholic education. Never once asked for my tax dollars back from JCPS. Still work part time to help fund the local charities I support. I apologize for breathing your air. So did you not proof read Christina’s views? What could possibly possess you to publish an article promoting choosing life over abortion? It was a beautifully written article. But how could you allow such an anti Leo view in your paper? 

Here’s hoping you might turn down your rhetoric just a bit.


Paul Willett

Paul, it seems like something in our editorials struck a bit close to home. We can only hope that instead of making you feel bad about yourself that we open the possibility that we all, in some ways, reflect what we allow ourselves to align with. If our image of Republicans is not flattering and made you uncomfortable, our guess is that it’s because you also find those things unflattering about the party and that’s a positive because it signals that you want it to be a better representation of people like yourself.