Rumor & Innuendo: Rumblings From the World of Sports

Mar 24, 2006 at 3:00 pm

No, no Nolan. I’ve heard some pretty accurate but mighty disturbing whispers about the collegiate inclinations of superüberprepster Nolan Smith. For a long while now, the son of former Card icon Derek Smith has been considered a lock to wear red and black. Not anymore. I’ve got it on good authority that the kid and his family are now thinking blue. As in Blue Devils. Say it ain’t so. Seems Smith’s connections with U of L — Vince Taylor, and to some extent, Reggie Theus — aren’t on the Belknap campus anymore, and young Nolan no longer feels connected to the Cardinal program. Taylor, currently a Minnesota T-Wolves assistant, apparently has the Smiths’ ear. Duke’s Johnny Dawkins keeps in touch with him so young Nolan will feel the Blue Devil love. While, I’m advised, the Cardinals haven’t beseeched former staffer Vince to be a go-between on their behalf. How sad is this story?

Van Gundy & Van Gundy Insurance. That’s what’s in the offing for the Brothers Van Gundy. Stan is the current former coach of the Miami Heat, thanks to Pat Riley. (And remember where you first read that Stan would “voluntarily resign.”) Jeff is the future former coach of the under-performing Houston Rockets. If you can’t win with Yao and Tracy, you’re adios amigo. So the Bros. VG wish to know: Term insurance or whole life?

Tubby ratings. Talk about poll-jumping. There’s a relatively new UK chat room called It’s the baby of the Drain the Tub crowd. It’s running a poll that asks, “Would UK be better off if Tubby Smith left UK?” During the middle of last week, 83 percent of voters wished Orlando begone. By Sunday morning, Tubby’s approval had spiked from 15 percent to 38 percent. The gethimouttatown contingent was down to 61 percent saying sayonara. Nothing like a rivalry smackdown to soothe the savage Wildcat.

Put your right foot forward, put your left foot out. I’m talking the Bunny Hop here, the new traditional hoops abomination that’s all the rave in college these days. The refs are calling palming as they should. But not that little two-step all the hoopsters are dancin’ when they take a pass on the move.