Kentucky Students Are Dressing And Acting Like Dogs, And This NKY Middle School Is Asking For Help

Sep 16, 2021 at 2:07 pm
Photo by Ysabella Leon.
Photo by Ysabella Leon.

Kids these days; They’re animals!

Another Kentucky school is reporting that its students are imitating pets. You may remember that last month, accounts surfaced of kids at Meade County Schools dressing and acting like cats. Well, now, a similar phenomenon has emerged in Northern Kentucky, where one school is dealing with children pretending to be dogs. 

Camp Ernst Middle School in Burlington, Kentucky, posted on Facebook last Sunday that some of their wards are barking at each other and wearing spiked collars. 

Meade County’s juvenile cat population was labeled as furries, a community of people who get a kick out of anthropomorphized members of the animal kingdom. In Northern Kentucky, however, the school is blaming a TikTok trend. 

“We have invested some time trying to understand the origins of these changes in behavior,” read Camp Ernst’s Facebook post. “We have found that social media outlets are usually where these trends originate and circulate. We are definitely seeing it in our schools. We want to create awareness to parents so you can stay connected with your child and be aware of these trends.”

Camp Ernst says it is experiencing other issues in connection with TikTok trends, including students destroying bathroom soap dispensers. 

Camp Ernst says that it does “not want to discourage or thwart” its students’ “creativity or individualism,” but it wants to “promote a safe and healthy culture where ALL kids feel comfortable.”

“The well-being of our students and staff are our number one priority,” the post continued. 

In Meade County, the school superintendent told WLKY that the school was addressing the cat costumes as dress code violations. In Burlington, the school is appealing to parents to help crack down on canine impersonators. 

No word on whether the cats and dogs will face off in some sort of intrastate, school rivalry. 

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