Editor's Note: Finagle Around And Find Out

HB 388 is bad policy and will certainly backfire on Republicans

Apr 9, 2024 at 12:33 pm
HB 388 is bad policy.
HB 388 is bad policy. adobe

Isn’t it funny that when Republicans can’t get their way through honest means, they resort to shenanigans in order finagle their agendas. You know, the agendas they accuse everyone else of having. 

With the recent passage of HB 388, a bill that would, in part, strip party affiliation from Louisville Metro government races, Republicans are looking for a way to get their grimy toes in the door on Louisville’s government because of course, they can’t win on their ideas. 

The idea that they can hide their party affiliation and gain control in Louisville is an idea that has fueled the histrionic, hairy-palmed, circle jerks of Republicans for years. It’s almost like they believe the public won’t see through their rhetoric to the red “R” emblazoned on their too-tight neckties. 

In the bill, that upon first read seems like an adjustment to taxation and emergency dispatch, there is text that alludes for the bill to  “...create a new section of KRS Chapter 65 to provide that members of local boards, commission, committees, and other bodies created by or appointed by local governments have geographic and political party affiliation diversity…” 

I "can’t even" with their attempt to use the word diversity when they have been puking all over themselves about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and how terrible it is for everyone but herein lies the golden nugget of their deceit. They don’t want diversity — not when it means Black and brown people might be elected or that citizens might like the fair person better. Nope, they want “diversity” that leans towards them and their cronies. 

It’s such a cheap and flimsy shot to move the goalposts to help them do better in a city that just doesn’t fucking want them. 

How much clearer can Louisvillians be that Republicans can take long walks off short piers?

It isn’t that people just don’t want them, it is that their ideas are rehashed and rebranded versions of the same old discriminatory, sexist and racist shit. We’ve seen it and heard it so many times, but I have to give it to them, these bastards are persistent. 

Louisville… and Kentucky, I want y’all to take in a short Bible verse. I’m not religious but so many of you are that I’m just not understanding how you continue to allow these folks to “dwell” in the House and Senate, within the state and beyond. 

Psalms 101:7 reads, “No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes.”

Yet, these people lie, deceive, discriminate and spread hatred, many times hiding under the guise of the book you rely on for faith and guidance. I think a mass eviction in your houses is due, Kentucky. 

Like Daniel Cameron, I want to say hard pass to HB 388, and hard pass to any further interference in how people in the state of Kentucky and the city of Louisville get to choose their leaders. 

We don’t have to agree on politics but we should certainly agree on bullshit and know when we’re getting served a giant plate of it. HB 388 and all the other recent legislative tricks in the Republican-led legislature are big fat servings of shit. In no way do these bills — check our legislative update  in our News section — improve any quality of life for Kentuckians. What they do is further an agenda by people who really want Kentucky to live in an Orwellian nightmare, controlled by men who can’t protect their hairlines much less the people they are elected to serve. 


Because they only care about the lobbyists who write and send the bills to them along with perks and checks. Just to be sure, you didn’t think they really wrote all this shit themselves, did you? This mess is basically a  copy and paste from all their special interests. Just check similar bills in other states. Same shit, different demons. 

HB 388 has yet to receive any action from Gov. Beshear as of this writing; but I can tell you the people of Louisville want Republicans to keep the name of our city out of their filthy mouths and their meat paws off our local government. Keep finagling around with Louisville, and you will find out why you don’t want to mess with this city. 

It seems our friends at Trouble Bar also see the issue with HB 388. Mayor Greenberg, you're on notice.