Hard Pass On Daniel Cameron

Aug 17, 2022 at 10:21 am
Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.
Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

Daniel Cameron is a failed experiment. He’s the exact example of someone given an opportunity and placed in a position to do something good by the people of the state, yet, he’s pouring his energy into affairs that do not benefit the citizens of Kentucky. In fact, I would call his behavior and attention to his job a dereliction of duties, particularly in the case of Breonna Taylor. Failing to acknowledge civil rights violations as a Black man in America? Give me a fucking break. The irony here is too much. Cameron is wearing blinders of the most heinous kind. To say that Cameron is frankly another sell-out to special interests and Republican hyperbole is too mild a statement when one looks at the absolute failure of his tenure as attorney general of Kentucky.

“President Trump is a fighter,” Cameron recently wrote on his Twitter page. “No raid at Mar-a-Lago is going to stop him from working hard for the American people. Folks here in Kentucky will always support someone the media despises and the left hates, because it means that person is standing up for their values.”

I’m not even going to touch how absolutely, mind-numbingly sycophantic this is, but just come on this journey of words with me.

“Folks here in Kentucky will always support someone the media despises and the left hates…”

Dude, grow up.

Cameron has fallen into the trap of equating all Kentuckians with the stereotype of the brainless yahoo. Sure, Kentuckians love an underdog but Trump isn’t any underdog. He’s a rich white fool who plays on the sentiment of true underdogs by hyping them up on racism and blatant lies. He sells a fantasy that many Kentuckians, some poor… some racist as fuck, want to buy into — if they step on others, they might be like Trump, too.

The funny part of this statement is that Cameron isn’t even really talking about Trump here. He’s talking about himself. He’s hoping that how the media ‘hates him’ makes him more palatable to Trump’s audience, and therefore ensures that Kentuckians will elect him as their first “Black” leader.

But what qualifications does Cameron have to lead Kentucky through a continued pandemic, widespread poverty, a neglected Eastern Kentucky primed for growth but suffering from flood damage?

This should be what Cameron is selling — skills and leadership qualifications — not the hopes that Kentucky will accept his Black face because he aligns himself with Trump. It’s such a thin attempt to be palatable. Cameron is a sad, sad and tired trope.

Can you blame a brother for trying? It works for Clarence Thomas, at least it has until Ginni Thomas’ shenanigans start to get in the way. Cameron is on the same razor’s edge where success for him hinges on selling himself to the tastes of white people. In Kentucky, I guess that means shouting out for Trump and doing whatever the Senate Minority Skeksis Mitch McConnell asks of you.

It’s embarrassing and it is a prison. What Cameron should be doing as attorney general is performing the basic duties given to him by Kentuckians and diligently dealing with the bad policing in the state that caused Breonna Taylor to lose her life.

He could have done this and still held fast to his “support” for the police. Cleaning out the criminal cops would seem to indicate that he both supported a transparent and strong force while also caring that citizens’ rights were protected.

Who am I fooling? That’s a fantasy just like Cameron’s bid for governor.

He doesn’t deserve to be attorney general. And the state’s governor? Hard pass. He’s an opportunist like the rest of his party, maybe worse because he’s proven that he would ignore the civil rights of his own people.

All chatter, no substance and nothing to show Kentuckians that he is worthy to hold the highest office in the state. Alignment with Trump and McConnell doesn’t feed, clothe or keep Kentuckians safe.

“I don’t care what anybody says in the national media, when it comes to supporting and defending law enforcement, we are going to do that. We are going to back the blue,” Cameron said at Fancy Farm.

Your job, Cameron, is to back Kentuckians — and making law enforcement transparent, honest and safe should be a priority.

You failed at that and, in turn, your friends in blue have to bear the dishonor of the FBI arresting members that you should have taken care of yourself.

Kentucky owes you nothing and really, just enjoy these last months of your AG job, then step off and disappear. I’d certainly rather the votes of my friends and family go to a qualified candidate, and one day, a qualified and sensible Black one. •

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