An anniversary love letter

May 26, 2010 at 5:00 am

Dear LEO Readers,

When the first issue of this alternative rag debuted in 1990, it was unclear exactly what the future might hold given the grim fate of most fledgling publications. Despite the very real potential for failure, LEO founder John Yarmuth was confident Louisville craved something different — a unique outlet for informed discourse — and he predicted the paper would be in for a long run.

Well, he was right.

Over the past two decades, LEO has consistently striven to fulfill the promise Yarmuth made to readers in his inaugural column: to provide an intelligent and articulate platform for discussion about the condition of our lives. Since then, the publication has expanded its mission, adding in-depth news reporting and critical arts and music coverage to its pages.

In celebrating this 20-year landmark, we examine the changing face of Louisville, reminisce about the good old days of LEO, and explore how this humble alt-weekly has become intertwined with the communities it covers.

But before launching into this collection of retrospectives, we must thank the readers for enabling LEO to carry on for 20 years, and hopefully for years to come. Thanks for picking us up each week. Thanks for patting us on the back when praise is due, and for pointing out our flaws. Thanks for participating in the ongoing dialogue. And thanks for coming back for more, even when we disagree.

We owe you — big time. It’s a debt we will repay by continuing to provide the intelligent, articulate and eccentric voice you apparently still crave after all these years.


Sarah Kelley