Dec 19, 2006 at 7:23 pm
Stumler Restaurant & Orchard, 10924 Saint John Rd., Borden, Ind., (812) 923-3832. The extensive buffet was loaded with enough goodies to please carnivores and vegetarians alike. The tomato salad and chicken and dumplings were the highlights of the trip to Borden. (Reviewed 10/18; Rating: N/A)


Joe Huber’s Family Farm & Restaurant, 2421 Scottsville Rd., Starlight, Ind., (877) 563-4823, Autumn doesn’t get any better than it does at Huber’s. The fried chicken, ham and mashed potatoes are always satisfying. (Reviewed 10/18; Rating: N/A)


The Cutting Board, 2929 Goose Creek Rd., 423-9950, The Cutting Board recently moved a few doors up Goose Creek Road to the more spacious quarters that formerly housed Hungry Pelican. The expanded menu includes a broad range of main courses, including a grilled portobello mushroom dish and a grilled lobster tail, shrimp and scallop “seafood delight.” (Reviewed 11/01; Rating: 79)


Pig City BBQ, 12003 Shelbyville Rd., 244-3535, If pigmeat is what you crave, head on over to the new barbecue joint out in the East End. Pig City BBQ seasons with a special rub and smokes the meat for up to 24 hours with cherry wood, which imparts a slight sweetness to the meat — especially the chicken. (Reviewed 11/08; Rating: N/A)


Fresco Southwest Grill & Pizza, 2047 Lytle St., 776-6077. This new Portland pitstop offers you a pick of Mexican or Italian dishes — or, if you like, a little of both — in a sparkling, inviting space that looks a bit like a fast-food franchise. Mexican fare includes the standard tacos, burritos and such, while the Italian menu features pizza, spaghetti, Italian sausage sandwich, chicken parmesan sandwich and Italian fries. (Reviewed 11/08; Rating: N/A)


Holly Hill Inn, 426 N. Winter St., Midway, Ky., (859) 846-4732, A good hour’s drive east of downtown Louisville, Holly Hill is one of Kentucky’s most sophisticated eateries and too good for Louisville not to claim it as one of our own. Talented Chef Ouita Michel creates inspired seasonal menus, which change monthly but generally offer a three- to six-course prix-fixe dinner. (Reviewed 11/15; Rating: N/A)


Danielle’s, 2206 Frankfort Ave., 893-7677. This stylish Frankfort Avenue bistro features an innovative menu of dishes that are splendidly prepared with an emphasis on sweet and fruity flavors in Chef Josh Hillyard’s savory appetizers and entrees. (Reviewed 11/29; Rating: 88)


Westport General Store, 7008 KY Hwy. 524, Westport, Ky., (502) 222-4626, This cozy restaurant is located about a half-hour’s drive from Louisville in tiny, historic Westport in Oldham County. Dishes are prepared with skill and presented stylishly with interesting accompaniments, a nice wine list, microbrewery beers and a fine list of bourbons. (Reviewed 12/06; Rating: N/A)