[Photos] UofL Theater Department Presents "Fairview," An Oddball Take On Race And 'The White Gaze'

In their 2022-2023 Mainstage Season, the UofL Department of Theatre Arts presents "Fairview." The 2018 Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Jackie Sibblies Drury starts in the Fraiser family’s living room as Beverly, the matriarch, is setting up a birthday party for her mother. Her family — husband Dayton, sister Jasmine, and daughter Keisha  — enter the scene throughout the first act. As the play progresses, a commentary on race emerges — in the ether — as the Fraisers relive the evening. The disembodied voices are a collection of white people watching the family — separated from them as if watching a sitcom. They progress further into the evening while more characters arrive. The events start twisting as the pleasant family evening and the ethereal remarks on race blend together in a surreal experience.

While Drury wrote a comedic play, it is also intentional and uncomfortable. The cast's comedic timing is spot on, which in turn makes the uneasy discourse on race even more pointed. There is no backing down in this production, making it worth the experience and discussion even more.

"Fairview" runs April 7-16 at the Thrust Theater on U of L's campus. Tickets can be found here.

"Fairview" was directed by Catron Booker.


Frasier Family

Beverly: Nyazia Martin Dayton: Tajleed Hardy Jasmine: Krystal Walker Keisha: Faith Artis


Suze/Beverly’s Mother: Allie Fireel Jimbo/Tyrone: Charlie Lauffer Mack/Erika: Louis Fritz Bets/Beverly: Sarah Stewart

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