Southern Indiana Restaurant Common Haus Hall To Close This Sunday

Feb 13, 2023 at 10:48 am
The exterior of Common Haus Hall.
The exterior of Common Haus Hall. Photo by Carolyn Brown.

Common Haus Hall, a Bavarian-inspired restaurant in Jeffersonville, will close its doors this Sunday, Feb. 19, after less than a year in operation.

The owners announced the closure in a social media post on Friday. 

“We are so grateful for all of YOU that have made this journey an amazing experience!” they wrote. “We pulled off the impossible against impossible odds! Opening late, Staff issues galore, So many road closures we lost count the list goes on! And THIS AMAZING staff that is here did the best job possible!”

“You will see us again, when the time and space is right, one door closes only to open endless possibilities!”

Common Haus opened in March 2022. The restaurant has a full-service restaurant on its first floor, a biergarten on the second floor, and a rentable event space on the third floor.

Though Common Haus is decorated with German paraphernalia throughout, the owners have always billed it as “Bavarian-inspired” and “German-style” rather than authentically German per se. (Louisville’s authentic German restaurant, Gasthaus, closed last year.) Its menu includes pretzels, sauerkraut balls, spaetzle, sauerbraten, doner burgers, sausage, and German-style bologna sandwiches.

LEO restaurant critic Robin Garr reviewed Common Haus last year and called it “an outstanding recent arrival on the local dining scene” that gave patrons “a sense of Gemütlichkeit, the barely translatable German word that encompasses coziness, contentment, warmth and well-being.” The restaurant was also one of LEO’s 20 “Best Places To Eat And Drink Outdoors In The Louisville Area Right Now.”

LEO also photographed the restaurant last year around the time of its official opening. Check out our photos in this gallery.