The New Albany Minion House Of Our Nightmares Is Back

Dec 1, 2021 at 5:44 pm
Do the minions bring joy or fear?
Do the minions bring joy or fear? Photo by Danielle Grady

Hundreds of eyes stare at you, unblinking. Their maws, perpetually open, smile blankly as their bodies, a sickening yellow, sway with the wind. 

The minions. They’re back. 

Once again, 2032 Indiana Ave.’s lawn in New Albany is infested with the inflatable creatures from the hit children’s movie “Despicable Me.” At this house of horrors, they are festooned in holiday garb.

Every year, for the past five years, the minions have emerged around Christmas time. In 2017, there were 70. I interviewed the man behind the minion madness back then for the News and Tribune. At the time, Michael Porteau said he did it to bring joy to people. 

And, although we cannot comprehend it, apparently he has. 

Videos taken by onlookers have racked up millions of views and thousands of likes. 

Check out the minions yourself throughout the holiday season.

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