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Jun 14, 2017 at 10:39 am
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on: erica rucker — gov. bevin wants to colonize west louisville

This is dog whistling to white nationalists, militias, supremacists and wannabes in the area. —Donny Greene

Education and economic opportunity are the only options. Louisville has failed. Own it. —David Gruneisen

Why blame the governor? Why not your wonderful mayor? If he is so good, why is there so much violence? —John S Milliken III

So in my world the absent black fathers of these kids are directly responsible for the murdering culture present in the city ... Heartbreaking deaths are increasing every month. A new approach must be implemented to protect our black neighbors citywide from this incredible lawlessness ... —Jerry Sanders

But it’s also on these mothers, as well. They know their sons or daughters are doing wrong, but they are not doing nothing about it. If my son or daughter were not in school, or not having a job, they have to get out of my house, and I’m not going to be a prisoner in my neighborhood because of a few dumb ones.

—Steve Davidson

... Bevin offered no solutions. If his prayers worked so well, wouldn’t prayer balance the state pension system? Did Bevin pray about his crooked land deal with Ramsey? Did Bevin pray about releasing his tax returns? ... —Scarlett Lee

Well, of course he’s not the answer to violence in Louisville. He’s not the answer for anything. Don’t act surprised! It’s a community issue that needs government help. Tell him what you need! —Joyous Joy

They should pass out mirrors in The West End so people can have a discussion with the ones responsible. —John Waits

on: editor’s note — abdication of leadership

“People kill, guns don’t” helps to frame an argument in support of the root cause for gun violence. The argument needs to first begin with an explanation for the why? And if you can explain why, you’ll withdraw all hope that nothing short of an apocalypse, or the collapse of the total world order, will result in a cease fire. —Bill Jackson

on: ricky l. jones — 15 ideas to stop city violence, not Gov. bevin’s call for prayer

Why can’t we as a people force implementation of your plan?

—StudioWest Bennett

on: holly houston —

locked up, covered up, sobered up

If Gov. Bevin is sincerely concerned about neglected and dependent children, he should establish a public/private partnership with pharmaceutical companies to establish drug courts and support services throughout Kentucky.

— Dolores Delahanty, former B District County Commissioner