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Jan 4, 2017 at 10:08 am
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on Transgender on the job

This Dee chick — I wouldn’t be staring, wondering if she was born a boy. I’d be wondering where one gets purple lipstick. — Wanda Vest

on Curb Your Foodieism

Wow, just wowee wow! Michael C. Powell provided a wonderful catharsis for me in his Dec. 28 article ... With the advent of cooking and eating shows like “The Chew,” which practically put themselves in our collective watering mouth, we have seen a surreal progression in the fetishizing of what is essentially stuff we eat. The pretensions Powell alludes to, such as the compulsion to elevate one’s self on social media as one able to afford such cuisine, or self-identify as something so, well, precious, is something I’ve observed for years now, and is why I no longer Facebook or patronize such twee restaurants. It was nice to see someone articulate my long-repressed yawp for sanity and perspective. I mean, what comes next with foodies? A show called “The Elimination”? Or “The Flush”? Because if you want to take it to its logical conclusion... — Ronald Worley

This author must have some outstanding talents. Apparently, he can take a brief look around a restaurant, gauge its decor and lighting scheme, and determine if an establishment is worthy and local-y enough. Apparently, he can also leer around at other tables and determine which are the regular, plain-folk (cool) and which are status-enhancing snobs (so not cool). I’m sick of labels like “authentic/trendy/modern,” just as the author purports to be. Yet he can’t help slapping one on everything he sees when he’s out for a bite. How about people eat where and what they like and spend their money how they like? Anyways, I think the author reveals more about himself in this diatribe than he does Butchertown Grocery. —Tim Johnstone

on editor’s note: Mayor must push back on VA

What even makes more sense is to locate [a new Veterans Affairs medical center] near Fort Knox and more in the center of the state, in order to serve all Kentucky residents. — Steve Elmore

It’s hard to understand why a specific hospital is required for veterans only. There are acres of hospitals in Louisville and surrounding areas already. In fact, it would be hard in this town to throw a rock and not hit a hospital. Instead of spending millions of dollars on a new VA hospital use that money to provide the best care possible for vets and their families at existing facilities.

— Jackie Ennis

I’m a veteran working with other vets on this problem. Jackie, your proposal is being considered by  [President-elect Donald] Trump. Many vets don’t like the idea, because it will decrease access to care unless vets take priority over everyone else. Everyone is competing for same care providers. VA provides care exclusively for vets. — Fred Johnson