Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Jan 24, 2018 at 11:14 am
Louisville Marijuana

Put down the bong and call your legislators  |  Rose

State Sen. Dan Seum, a Republican with a clue about marijuana at least, has filed Senate Bill 80 to legalize its adult use. You could have an ounce of pot, five grams of concentrated cannabis, cannabis products and five pot plants. Ninety five percent of taxes raised on legalized pot would go to the general fund, with the rest for enforcement, education and treatment.

We were probably No. 21  |  Absurd

Amazon has passed over Louisville for its next headquarters, naming instead 20 other cities as finalists. We know it wasn’t Kentucky’s anti-LGBTQ law that got us cut: Raleigh, North Carolina, and Indianapolis are on Amazon’s list. We know it wasn’t our lack of big-city mass transit: Nashville is on the list. Was there something wrong with our application?

Use your words  |  Thorn

WDRB, typically a diligent, trenchant news source, posted a story about the Amazon failed bid, noting that: “Officials continued to refuse to disclose how much Amazon was offered in public incentives ... “ Maybe the former newspaper reporter forgot how to read since joining WDRB, but in October LEO reported — the only media to do so — that Amazon was offered $2.5 billion over 20 years and use of a state park.

Bike lane politics  |  Thorn

Mayoral candidate and Republican Councilwoman Angela Leet used the Amazon diss to press what she feels is a Democratic frailty — “ ... high taxes and more bike lanes aren’t doing it for us,” she tweeted. Bet she’d support high taxes on bike lanes.

Don’t be an asshole  |  Thorn

This photo by Adam Horton proves many sledders in Cherokee Park last week are assholes. If this annoys you, go to to volunteer, and try not be such an asshole.

CJ gives good hed  |  Absurd

“EPA: Louisville air quality blows” Obviously not enough room for: “Louisville air quality sucks dick.”