The truth about healthcare, Amazon no-win win and rogering

Jan 24, 2018 at 10:33 am

Time for a state rename I think. Bluegrass is a bollocks name anyway -— the grass here is horrible and spiky, and usually brown. The Pink Floyd state, I think.

We don’t need no education?

Precisely, although I’d be amazed if someone of Roger Waters’ talent and integrity would allow it. I expect if he knew who Matt Bevin was, he wouldn’t be much of a fan.

When it boils down to it, apart from his family and his small army of well-paid state cronies, who is really a fan of Matt Bevin? Even most of the people who voted for him didn’t do it because they liked him. They did it because their hatred of libruls is all-consuming to the point of self-destruction. Just a pity Waters didn’t write a song about not needing healthcare either, or we’d have a rock-solid case.

Backed himself into a corner on Medicaid in a fit of petulance and isn’t going to be able to weasel his way out of it. Can’t see how his work requirement rule for Medicaid is going to survive a serious court challenge. The only people who can be legally forced to work in exchange for benefits other than money are prison inmates and college athletes. So he will either have to follow up on his threat to pull the plug on Medicaid expansion, thus chucking most of his voters off their health insurance, or retreat. Humiliating defeat in every direction.

A work requirement for Medicaid is a totally shit idea that is typical of pub fascists like Bevin and his daddy in the White House, who can’t think beyond the initial win. The sort of thing that the base loves because it thinks it will screw libruls but, in fact, ends up mostly screwing them. Apart from anything, why would anyone who is already probably work-shy put in 20 unpaid hours a week in exchange for crap health insurance when they can go to the ER and legally can’t get turned away?

Right. I often think that half this country’s healthcare problems stem from the fact that we already have universal healthcare, but won’t admit it. God forbid that the state should look after anyone, but it does because anyone can turn up at a state-run hospital and cannot be turned away. If that’s not a form of universal healthcare, I don’t know what is. Unfortunately, it’s also the most shitty, inefficient and costly form of universal healthcare in the world.

The fact that there are state-run hospitals to begin with is a bit of a giveaway. If we’ve decided that we aren’t going to check up on your ability to pay before treating your gunshot wound to the groin, then we’ve got universal healthcare.

Kentucky Democrats should call Bevin’s bluff. Bugger it — all Democrats should call the GOP’s bluff. It’s either can’t pay, don’t get treatment, which is the pure Ayn Rand answer, but may result in corpses rotting in the streets, or treatment for any American as and when they need it, which is universal healthcare, and essentially what we have now, only crap. If they are OK with corpses rotting in the streets, make them actually stand for that. They win because it’s a phony war.

For an illiterate, uneducated and undesirable immigrant you make a good point once every six months or so.

Enough of your cheek. I came here with two degrees, or at least one and a half, which is more than you did. But I was no more deserving of making this country my home than anyone else, and anyone who is going to walk across the desert, or out of a war zone, is infinitely more deserving.

I’d happily swap you for anyone. Anything, come to think of it. Gangster, petty criminal, rabid dog, Jeff Bezos, you name it.

I can’t believe we got dissed by Amazon, especially since we are already offering them human sacrifice daily over the river at their fulfillment center. Come to Amazon and die, I believe they call it.

No, you’re thinking of come to Naples and die. But the principle is the same. On one hand, always a shame to lose out to Montgomery County, Maryland, but on the other, good luck with that. San Antonio did the right thing in my estimation: didn’t spend a penny prostrating themselves before the Amazon altar, stuck two fingers up at the process and came out of it looking like the kind of place you’d want to do business with.

I think that making the kind of investment in our city that would attract these businesses without having to get involved in such an ignoble spectacle would be money well spent. If it’s doable for Amazon, it’s doable — full stop. Even if Fischer was probably damned if he did, and damned if he didn’t, it turned into a shameful and embarrassing spectacle, all of these cities begging for a rogering.

Speaking of rogering, how about that porn actress and the president? Just goes to show what a total and utter fraud the entire right wing is, but especially the religion nutbags. Can you imagine the fuss if Barack Obama had shagged a porn bird because she looked like one of his daughters, then paid her a few hundred thou to shut up about it? There would have been a lynch mob on the lawn of the White House.

It is hard to imagine the stink they would have made. However, Trump getting his arse spanked red by a rolled up copy of Fortune magazine is now totally imaginable.

Eurgh. What an utterly repulsive note to end on.