Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Jul 26, 2017 at 10:28 am
Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

What is far right with this picture?  |  Thorn

So let’s see... Louisville loses two conventions — and millions of dollars — because of the state’s new anti-LGBTQ law, but the anti-choice nut-bags find the city to be perfect for their national convention, costing the city who knows how much in police overtime. Maybe they got a referral from the gun nut-bags who stank up the city with their convention here last year.

Get’em out!  |  Rose

Huzzah to the interim president of UofL for reaching around perpetually-petulant sportsball director Tom Jurich to renegotiate how much it contributes to keep the KFC Yum Center afloat. Jurich had threatened to move his sportsball team to a nonexistent stadium on campus. Is this is the first sign UofL will clean this house of Cards?

Thick as thieves I  |  Thorn

In other sportsball news, UK’s John Calipari was in Washington, D.C., to support President Trump’s pick for ambassador to Canada. That person’s husband also happens to have made the largest private donation to UK athletics’ ever and has been a big-time GOP contributor, The Courier-Journal said.

Thick as thieves II  |  Thorn

So Gov. Matt “Oblivous” Bevin appointed most of the members on the Executive Branch Ethics Commission. Guess what? The panel unanimously ruled that he broke no ethics rules by buying a mansion for (allegedly) less than its worth from an investment manager whom he appointed to help oversee pension investments, The CJ reported. No rules broken, even if the (alleged) bargain was actually a gift...

How the CJ sausage is made  |  Absurd

The CJ ran a correction last week that said it had incorrectly described hot dogs as sandwiches on 10 dates between 1887 and 1966. Then, CJ columnist Joe Gerth wrote 740 words or so disputing the correction and explaining that his research proves a hot dog is a sandwich. This silly spat even made national news (The Washington Post, Time). Editor Joel Christopher would do well to listen to Gerth. His research led The CJ to apologize in 2016 for having identified Muhammad Ali predominately as Cassius Clay until 1970, even though he had changed his name in 1964.