Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best, & Most Absurd

Mar 18, 2020 at 11:59 am
kentucky masks

Roses: Why local journalism matters

The Courier Journal’s reporters and editors get roses for their tireless, comprehensive coverage of The Big Story. WFPL gets in on that, too, not just providing good coverage but also for doing what radio does best: airing live reports and press conferences from state, local and national officials.

Rose: Why non-nutbag govs matter

Gov. Andy Beshear, thank the gods he is Kentucky’s governor. He gets a rose for his clearheaded, measured and proactive leadership. We imagine that if Gov.-reject Matt “Nutbag” Bevin was still there, we would be subjected to prescriptions of prayer rocks and coronavirus parties, chased down with insults and selfies.

Thorn + Absurd: Why once a nutbag, always a nutbag

Speaking of that, private citizen Bevin, who is not being private enough, issued this tweet: “Breaking News: Chicken Little has just confirmed that the sky is indeed falling... Everyone is advised to take cover immediately and to bring lots of toilet paper with them when they do so...” Maybe worse than this idiotic, even dangerous mockery of the situation and how we are responding is that the tweet got more than 1,193 likes.

Rose: light at end of tunnel

LG&E has suspended disconnection of service until May 1 and will waive late fees between now and then. Also, Louisville Water has suspended shutoffs for failure to pay “until further notice.”

Rose + Thorn: just following orders

After getting called out by WFPL, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has stopped enforcing evictions. The sheriffs said they were just following court orders! What are they? Robots?   The sheriff executed 14 evictions on Monday and had more than 60 scheduled for this week, WFPL reported. If not for WFPL’s reporting, how many more people would have been thrown out on the street in the middle of this epidemic?

Thorn: Another epidemic (guns)

And even as the nation, state and city focus on the virus, the gun insanity does not stop. A 3-year-old New Albany girl was shot in South Louisville. It appears to have been an accidental, self-inflicted shooting, a dispatcher told WDRB.

Absurd: psst... use mini bourbon bottles

A letter to The CJ criticized our founder, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, for putting sanitizer in a mini bourbon bottle to comply with the flying rules. It said: “Maybe this will help someone up to no good in the future. “ No one else had thought of that?