Thorns And Roses: Kentucky Eviction Disaster Averted, IU Vaccine Mandate Upheld

Aug 4, 2021 at 12:55 pm
kentucky masks

Rose and Thorn: Eviction Disaster Averted

Two days after the federal eviction moratorium lapsed, the CDC declared another one for those living in rates of high COVID transmission. That means most counties in Kentucky, including Jefferson, are safe from eviction. But why did it take a couple days to reverse? We knew the eviction moratorium was ending, putting tens of thousands of Kentuckians — and even more Americans — at risk for eviction. Let's use this time, however long we have, to put together a solid plan to keep Kentuckians housed once the moratorium lifts again. It's a tidal wave, and we're in the shadow.

Rose: Hoosiers, Prepare To Shoot Up

Conservative judges doing something right for once? A panel of three denied an injunction against Indiana University’s vaccine mandate. Between Mitch McConnell’s pro-vaccine ads and this, we’re beginning to think the culture war might not result in death to humanity after all. Unfortunately, students at IU can still request religious exemptions for refusing the vaccine, but we hope this convinces some to go ahead and get the shot. I mean, think about how long it takes to get an 18-year-old to fill out the FAFSA. 

Thorn: The COVID Blues 

COVID is unrelenting and the new Delta variant has pushed Kentucky’s infection rate high — it’s nearing 10%. All of this before we look at sending our kids back to school, gathering for fall festivals and getting ourselves ready for the best sports seasons. Honestly, the pandemic is proving to us that it isn’t ready to let go and who are we to continue to tempt fate. Mask mandates shouldn’t be optional. Businesses need to require that employees be vaccinated, especially schools and other places where large numbers of people are required to be together for multiple hours at a time. COVID isn’t playing and we shouldn’t be either. Tempt fate and we will continue to lose. This is one of those where the house will win and it won’t be our house.

Thorn: The Attack Of The Mosquitoes

If it were possible to write a double thorn with a dagger, we would but we only have a thorn. Here’s the thing, fucking Midwestern mosquitoes have to go. Just the other night, I was strolling to a friend’s house to deliver a birthday gift and the shady MFs sent their distraction fly. I promptly smashed it. He was just a diversion to give me false hope that I had smashed and defeated one of the enemies. All the while I was distracted, another 40 or 50 of the bastards attacked me leaving me full of itchy giant bumps. I am declaring mosquitoes a national threat and their assault on me an act of war. Come at me bros, I’m buying a fogger. Will you join me, folks? They can’t get away with this. *scratch scratch* —Erica Rucker