Rumblings From the World of Sports

Feb 1, 2006 at 12:08 am

Did I hear this correctly? A couple of weeks ago, The Rick was asked about missing out on Rajon Rondo and Chris Lofton. He again admitted his egregious recruiting mistake with Rondo. As for Lofton, he said something to the effect that there would be nowhere in the Cards lineup for him to play. Exsqueeze me? Was U of L’s coach talking about Chris Lofton, the former state champ shooting wiz who has energized the Big Orange, college hoopdom’s fastest rising program? Must be talking about somebody else.

It ain’t our daddy’s college hoops. The Big East has an official mutual fund family — Oppenheimer Funds. An official mutual fund? Gimme a break. Where is the Unknown Musician now that we really need him?

Coaching carousel. More than a few sources advise that Skip Prosser is a proverbial lock to coach Cincy’s Bearcats next season. As the merry goes round, Wake Forest will replace him with West Virginia’s current mentor John Beilein. Which will then allow the Mountaineers to hire prodigal son Bobby The Huggs, even though it is said administrators in Morgantown are leery of Huggy Bear’s less than stalwart reputation. Guess John Brady, coach of improving LSU, will survive to botch up another season in the bayou.

Those darn rumors. There’s also more than the usual scuttlebutt among the media room crowd that Texas’ Rick Barnes and Your Favorite Tubbmeister up Lexington way are on their way to the NBA next season. Resurgent Billy Donovan back in Big Blue, anybody?

The Smith saga. Recruiting guru Clark Francis is still shaking his head that Louisville has apparently lost legacy Nolan Smith to Duke. “There’s still a 1 in 20 chance he’ll be a Card. The week before he visited Duke, the kid told Wiley Brown (his dad Derek’s best friend) he was coming to U of L.” Those duplicitous Dookies. Even though the Hokie apologized, Virginia Tech suspended Deron Washington for stepping on a Blue Devil during a game. Anybody remember what the high & mighty B Devils did to Christian Laettner when he stomped a ’Cat in that famous regional final? Oh yeah, that’s right ... nothing.

By seedy k [email protected]