Kentucky's Representative James Comer Trolled By Fellow House Member Jared Moskowitz With George Santos Cameo

Dec 13, 2023 at 10:31 am
Jared Moskowitz Official House of Representatives Portrait
Jared Moskowitz Official House of Representatives Portrait

Listen, I love a good troll, and, in the ongoing saga of Kentucky’s District 1 Rep. James Comer and Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz, it seems the trolling is amping up. Moskowitz sent Comer a Cameo from disgraced and ejected former House member George Santos. 

Comer has been under heavy criticism from his colleagues in the House and the press for continuing to lead an investigation into what he claims as Biden’s corruption, though little evidence to support his claims has been produced. He just continues to say it louder, hoping someone will believe him. 

Comer is a holiday gift that keeps on giving, because it seems that there is no end to his ability to make a fool of himself, or, in this case, to be made a fool of. 

In November, Comer and Moskowitz had a, now, storied exchange in which Comer called Moskowitz a Smurf. 

In this flame war between Comer and Moskowitz, it’s unsure who’s going to come out on top. For sure, it doesn’t seem as if Comer is winning any fans, but of course, George Santos will do anything for money