Kentuckian Capitol Rioter Sentenced To 45 Days In Jail

Oct 14, 2021 at 3:15 pm
Kentuckian Robert Bauer (right), with his cousin in the U.S. Capitol during the failed Jan. 6 insurrection.
Kentuckian Robert Bauer (right), with his cousin in the U.S. Capitol during the failed Jan. 6 insurrection.

Out of more than a dozen Kentuckian Capitol rioters arrested in the state, Robert Bauer became the first to be sentenced on Wednesday, Oct. 13 for his role in the failed insurrection on Jan. 6. 

Bauer, who pled guilty to parading, demonstrating and picking in a Capitol building, was sentenced alongside his cousin to spend 45 days in jail, serve 60 hours of community service and to pay $500 in restitution. 

Bauer’s charge is a class B misdemeanor. 

Bauer, who is from Cave City, Kentucky, entered the Capitol building on Jan. 6, wearing a Trump 2020 hat and chanting “stop the steal,” according to an interview with FBI agents contained in court documents. 

“Stop the steal” was a rallying cry for Trump supporters who believed the election was stolen from the president and who wanted the results to be reversed, deposing Joe Biden as the incoming president.

Bauer was turned in by an anonymous tipster who said he saw a photo Bauer posted to Facebook of him in the Capitol building with his cousin both of them flipping off the camera.

Bauer attended then President Donald Trump’s speech the day of the failed insurrection, with Edward Hemenway, a Virginian cousin, and his wife, Jenny Bauer. 

Robert Bauer said he started marching toward the Capitol because Trump told him to. He claimed that he did not know that Congress was in session at the time and that he was unaware he was not allowed to be in the building. 

His cousin, who entered with, told the FBI that he knew that Congress was certifying the electoral college vote that day and that he was in the wrong to be there. He also said that he saw a sign saying “Do Not Enter.”

Robert Bauer left his wife Jenny Bauer outside of the Capitol. He said that he entered to “occupy the space” and he had no intention of assaulting law enforcement or fighting anyone. He said people in the crowd were angry about “pedophiles, the news cycle and losing their businesses during the lockdown.”

The FBI obtained several videos and photos of Bauer at the Capitol. In one, he chanted, “Our house! Our house!” with a crowd of people behind him.

Bauer said that he saw other rioters throwing things at officers, but he chided them saying, “What the hell are you doing? They have stood down.”

Bauer also claimed to have interacted with a police officer, who shook his hand and said “It’s your house now.” Bauer said he believed the officer was acting out of fear. 

Bauer was initially arrested on Jan. 15 of this year. He was charged with four counts, including entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building and violent entry and disorderly conduct at the grounds and in the Capitol building.

At first, Bauer pled not guilty, but on June 28, he accepted a deal and pled guilty to the parading, demonstrating and picketing charge. 

So far, over a dozen Kentuckians have been arrested for participating in the failed insurrection. At least three more sentencing dates have been scheduled for Kentuckians, according to the FBI’s list of defendants. Lori Ann and Thomas Vinson, who were arrested in Owensboro, are set to be sentenced on Oct. 22. Michael Orangias of Louisville is scheduled to be sentenced in February. All have pled guilty to one charge: the same offense that Bauer was convicted for.

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