General Sense of Outrage: LEO”s new news blog

Jan 8, 2008 at 9:27 pm

Blogs are totally in right now, our web specialist has finally informed us, and so we’ve decided to launch one. Hey, the close watchers might say, LEO used to have a news blog. It was called “The Lip.” It was pretty good, but wasn’t updated enough and, finally, given the kibosh by staff, too lazy or busy (or both) to keep it up.

Well, management has finally upped our amphetamine drip, so we’re back online in a more meaningful way than what you might see over at the mothership,

“General Sense of Outrage” is the new LEO news blog. Bookmark it: It will be updated daily by a cadre of LEO scribes, including editors here like Cary Stemle, Stephen George, Mat Herron and Sara Havens, as well as contributing writers like Jim Welp and Phillip Bailey.

We’ll use it to break news that we can’t in our normal weekly format. Like any good blog, we’ll link you to things we consider interesting, mind-blowing or otherwise worth the average reader’s time. We’ll offer augmentations to stories in the print edition, and analysis of things like the miserable trip down Memory Lane over the smoking ban, which you most assuredly will find nowhere else. Some reporters will give inside looks to the stories they’re writing.
Oh, and we’ll have photos!

There are already a few bits up now, like Phillip Bailey taking The C-J’s Byron Crawford to task for using news of Barack Obama’s historic rise as a presidential contender to talk about Louisville-born D.W. Griffith, whose controversial “Birth of a Nation,” among other things, helped reinvigorate the KKK. Also, Stephen George blogs about putting together a story on the movement behind Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, whose extensive grassroots network has, eh, taken root in Louisville. And Jim Welp, our resident master of wit, points you to this year’s installment of the “50 Most Loathsome People in America,” courtesy of the Buffalo Beast.

So knock off a few minutes at your desk and visit General Sense of Outrage ( It’s your own fault if you regret it. —Staff