Editor's Note: Choke on A Chicken Wing

Jul 19, 2023 at 9:48 pm
fried chicken in Louisville

Republicans Due For A Curse...I Mean, Course Correction

Trying to keep one’s place in the universe protected is tough work. It is never good to wish harm upon others or to actively harm others. At some point, the universe will correct itself, and the harm will come back to you. 

Do Republicans know this? Do they realize that the retribution of the universe (or of the person they call God) might be so forceful that their downfalls will be powerful and public? I mean, we’re seeing pieces of this unfold with Donald Trump and the litany of legal issues he’s facing, some of which he’s already under indictment from.

Regardless, I can’t imagine being so heartless, cruel, or blatantly evil as Republicans in America have been in the last few years. Their attacks are widespread against many, including women, Black people, Asian people, and those in the LGBTQ+ community, particularly individuals who are transgender. They’ve damaged the livelihood of all of these groups and are gloating over their spoils.

One of the more sinister plots of the Right is how they have used Asian people as pawns in the fight to destroy Affirmative Action, which benefitted white women the most. The false claim that talented Asian students were overlooked in favor of other groups, particularly Black students, is being used to stir fear in the Asian community. The truth is different, Asian students represent the highest number of admissions of color at many U.S. universities, especially in the Ivy League schools, more so than Latin or Black students.  

But more to the point, Republicans are on a wild path of bad deeds and it’s time for some checks and balances. Certainly, we need to vote but it’s more than that. From school boards, to city councils to the White House, those of us who are opposed to the actions of the Right Wing need to organize actively at all levels of governance and public service to build walls against them. 

How far are we going to let them go before they are rounding people up into train cars and shipping them off to slaughter? We’ve seen this movie… this history before. 

When the U.S. District Court Judge David Hale rescinded his previous block on the Kentucky ban on gender-affirming medical care for transgender minors allowing the ban on this care to take effect, Republican candidate for governor and general human waste farm Daniel Cameron gleefully sucked his flippers at the chance to insert his thoughts into the issue, calling it a win for “parents and children.” 

Cameron, a new parent, said in a statement issued after the ruling saying, “Moving forward, my office will continue to defend Senate Bill 150 and stand up for the right of children to be children, free from the influences of leftist activists and radical gender ideology.”

Oh, Daniel — here is where I mind my space in the universe but issue what is as close to a curse as I will ever come — may the leftover feather on your next chicken wing poke your esophagus on the way down. 

Maybe us radicals on the left would rather you Right Wing loonies keep your invisible men to yourself and out of our panties, and those of underaged children, you fucking weirdos. 

Okay, what I’m getting at with this whole thing is this… Republicans are due for a curse, ahem… a course correction and I think one is coming. Daniel Cameron losing the governor’s race is a good start but clearing the Republican refuse in the Kentucky General Assembly and other state governments is even better.