Club List

Aug 19, 2009 at 5:00 am

19th Green ?1740 Williamsburg Drive Jeffersonville (812) 284-9088

60 West? 3939 Shelbyville Road?719-9717

930 Listening Room 930 Mary St. 635-2554

Air Devil’s Inn? 2802 Taylorsville Road?454-4092

Angel’s Rock Bar ?4328 S. Fourth St. 540-1461

Backstage Café? 109 N. Mulberry St. Elizabethtown?(270) 234-1686

Bearno’s by the Bridge ?131 W. Main St. 584-7437

Bearno’s Highlands? 1318 Bardstown Road?456-4556

Bearno’s Jeffersonville ?2784 Meijer Drive 282-3125

Bearno’s New Albany? 3002 Charlestown Xing (812) 949-7914

Benchwarmers? 7325 St. Andrews Church Road 368-1148

Billiards Club of Louisville 5404 Bardstown Road?491-3810

Blu Grille?(Marriott Downtown)?280 W. Jefferson St. 627-5045

Bluegrass Brewing Co. ?(St. Matthews) 3929 Shelbyville Road 899-7070

Bluegrass Brewing Co.? (Fourth St.) 2 Theatre Square 568-2224

Bluegrass Grill & Bar? Ramada Inn 1041 Zorn Ave. 891-0384

Blue Mule Sports Café? 10301 Taylorsville Road?240-0051

Blue River Café? 128 W. Main St., Milltown, Ind.?633-7510

Brendan’s Restaurant & Pub? 3921 Shelbyville Road?895-1212

Brown Theatre ?315 W. Broadway 562-0100

Brownie’s The Shed? 237 Whittington Pkwy.?326-9830

Bugsy’s Pub & Grill? 1702 Spring St. Jeffersonville 284-0742

Bulldog Café?10619 W. Manslick Road 380-0600

Caffé Classico?2144 Frankfort Ave. 894-9689

Cahoots?1047 Bardstown Road?454-6687

Captain’s Quarters?5700 Captains Quarters Road 228-1651

Chick Inn?6325 Upper River Road?228-3646

Clifton Center?2117 Payne St. 896-8480

Clifton’s Pizza?2230 Frankfort Ave. 893-3730

Club Sound of Music?1138 S. Seventh St. 500-2009

Coffee Crossing?4212 Charlestown Road, New Albany (812) 981-2633

Comedy Caravan?1250 Bardstown Road?459-0022

Courtyard?123 W. Oak St. 585-4222

Creeker’s Bar & Grill?6330 Bardstown Road?762-0370

Crowne Plaza, Executive West?830 Phillips Lane 367-2251

Dark Star Tavern?2636 Frankfort Ave. 896-2800

Davern’s Tavern?3044 Hunsinger Lane?456-5530

Derby City Espresso?331 E. Market St. 442-0523

Dutch’s?3922 Shelbyville Road 895-9004

ear X-tacy?1534 Bardstown Road?452-1799

Expo 5?2900 S. Seventh St. 636-3532

Flanagan’s Ale House?930 Baxter Ave. 585-3700

Floyd Theatre?2100 S. Floyd St. 852-2222

Gerstle’s?3801 Frankfort Ave. 742-8616

Golden Nugget?2922 Hikes Lane 454-9914

The Green Building?732 E. Market St. 561-1162

Groove Music Café?1882 Blaxton Mill Rd.?(812) 949-3004

Hard Rock Café?424 S. Fourth St. 568-2210

Harlow’s?2787 S. Floyd St. 637-1881

Headliners?1386 Lexington Road?584-8088

Heine Bros.?(Eastern Pkwy.)?1449 Bardstown Road?454-5212

Heine Bros.?(Longest)?1295 Bardstown Road?456-5108

Hideaway Saloon?1607 Bardstown Road?485-0114

Highlands Tap Room?1279 Bardstown Road?459-BEER

Holiday Inn, Airport East ?4004 Gardiner Point Drive ?452-6361

Holiday Inn, Airport South ?2715 Fern Valley Road?964-3311

Holiday Inn, Lakeview?505 Marriott Drive, Clarksville (812) 283-4411

Holiday Inn, Southeast ?3255 Bardstown Road?454-0451

Hoops?6733 Strawberry Lane?375-4667

Hooters?700 W. Riverside Drive New Albany (812) 218-9485

Horseshoe Casino?Elizabeth, Ind.?(888) ROMAN-4U

Hugh E. Birge?324 E. Market St. New Albany 944-5028

Ice Breaker’s?252 E. Market St. 618-2051

Jazzy Blu 815 W. Market St. 992-3243

Jerry Green & Friends?2800 Breckenridge Lane 451-0706

Jim Porter’s?2345 Lexington Road?452-9531

Jock’s Sports Bar?3423 Breckinridge Lane?491-1199

Joe Huber’s?2421 Scottsville Road?(812) 923-5255

Joe’s Older Than Dirt?8131 New LaGrange Road 426-2074

Joe’s Palm Room?1821 W. Jefferson St.?581-1251

Joker’s Bar & Grill?7323 St. Andrews Church Road 363-5662

JT’s?8021 Preston Hwy.?962-9804

Karem’s Grill & Pub?9424 Norton Commons Blvd. 327-5646

Keswick Democratic Club ?1127 Logan St. 637-9639

Kettle Creek?1150 N. Bardstown Road Mt. Washington 538-490

The Lounge?947 E. Madison St. 889-5889

Lighthouse?202 Main St., Jeffersonville 283-0077

Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge ?1004 E. Oak St. 637-9315

Locker Room Sports Bar ?11707 Dixie Hwy. 937-0052

Longhead’s Bar & Grill?8238 Dixie Hwy. 933-7837

Longshot Tavern?2232 Frankfort Ave. 899-7898

Louisville Pizza Co.?3910 Ruckriegel Pkwy.?267-1188

Mac’s Hideaway?1636 Slater Run Road New Albany 945-4256

Macca’s Florida Grill & Bar ?1315 Herr Lane 618-2770

Maker’s Mark Bourbon House & Lounge?446 S. Fourth St. 568-9009

Marmaduke’s?4206 Poplar Level Road?452-1390

Molly Malone’s?933 Baxter Ave. 473-1222

Mom’s Music?1710 E. 10th St. Jeffersonville (812) 283-3304

Monkey Wrench?1025 Barret Ave. 582-2433

The Mulberry?117 N. Mulberry St., Elizabethtown?(270) 300-1743

My Bar?3306 Plaza Drive New Albany (812) 948-6501

Nachbar?969 Charles St. 637-4377

New Direction?2630 Chamberlain Lane?243-8429

New View Bar & Grill?7601 Outer Loop Road?239-5399

O’Shea’s?956 Baxter Ave. 589-7373

Old Louisville Coffeehouse ?1489 S. Fourth St. 635-6660

Palace Theatre?625 Fourth St. 583-4555

Pass Time Fish House Tavern?10810 Locust Road 267-4633

Perkfection Coffee Shop ?359 Spring St. Jeffersonville (812) 218-0611

Phoenix Hill Tavern?644 Baxter Ave. 589-4957

Pink Door?2222 Dundee Road 413-5204

Pitt Stop Pub & Grill?1710 E. 10th St. Jeffersonville (812) 284-5475

Pizza Guy?812 Lyndon Lane 426-4044

Pour Haus?1481 S. Shelby St. 637-9611

Prime Lounge?104 W. Main St. 587-7463

Priya’s Bar & Grill?253 Quartermaster Court Jeffersonville 218-0948

Pucker’s?4041 Preston Hwy. 364-7250

Quarter Pole Lounge, Holiday Inn Lakeview?505 Marriott Drive Clarksville (800) 824-7740

Quiver’s Lounge?8402 National Turnpike?361-0025

R Place Pub?9603 Whipps Mill Road?425-8516

Raw Sushi Lounge?520 S. Fourth St. 585-5880

Ray’s Monkey House?1578 Bardstown Road?459-4373

Rick’s Double T?830 E. 10th St, Jeffersonville 282-0326

Rich O’s Public House?3312 Plaza Drive, New Albany 949-2804

River Bend Winery?120 S. 10th St. 540-5650

Rubbie’s Barbeque & Brew ?6905 Southside Drive?367-0007

Rudyard Kipling?422 W. Oak St. 636-1311

Saints?131 Breckinridge Lane?891-8883

Sammy O’s?3579 Paoli Pike, Floyds Knobs 923-9540

Seelbach Bar?500 S. Fourth St. 585-3200

Seidenfaden’s?1134 E. Breckinridge St.?582-9217

Shannon’s Bar & Grill?4113 Murphy Lane 429-7056

Shawnee Social Club?311 Army Ave. 774-4555

Shenanigans Pub?1611 Norris Place 454-3919

Shooters?7092 Distribution Drive 933-7373

Skull Alley?1017 E. Broadway 749-9541

Spectators?5530 New Cut Road 368-7650

Spring Street Bar & Grill?300 S. Spring St. 584-6630

St. Andrew’s Pub?7807 St. Andrew’s Church Road 271-3213

Stage Coach Saloon?15101 Dixie Hwy. 271-3276

Steilberg String Instruments?4029 Bardstown Road?491-2337

Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar?230 E. Main St. 582-9945

Sully’s Saloon?434 S. Fourth St. 585-4100

Sunergos?2122 S. Preston St. 634-1243

Swan Dive?921 Swan St. 632-1299

Syl’s Lounge?2403 W. Broadway 776-9105

Third Avenue Café?1164 S. Third St. 585-2233

Third Base Tavern?134 Spring St. Jeffersonville (812) 283-4947

Third Street Dive?440 S. Third St. 643-1218

T.K.’s Pub?5442 Del Maria Way 499-5673

Tink’s Pub?2235 S. Preston St. 634-8180

Two Lanes?9702 Bardstown Road?239-9211

Uncle Pleasant’s?2126 S. Preston St. 634-4147

Varanese?2106 Frankfort Ave. 899-9904

Vernon Club?1575 Story Ave. 584-8460

Vickie’s Good Times Bar & Grill?114 E. Market St. New Albany (812) 941-8000

Volare?2300 Frankfort Ave. 894-4446

Wathen’s Kentucky Bistro ?3930 Chenoweth Square 893-0106

Wick’s Pizza, Baxter?973 Baxter Ave. 456-1559

Wick’s Pizza, Dixie?10966 Dixie Hwy. 995-4333

Wick’s Pizza, Goose Creek ?2927 Goose Creek Rd.?327-WICK

Wick’s Pizza, Middletown ?12717 Shelbyville Rd.?213-WICK

Woody’s Tavern?208 E. Burnett Ave. 635-9221

Wyandotte Tavern?3700 Taylor Blvd. 363-9165

You First?2033 Frankfort Ave. 550-2416

Za’s?1573 Bardstown Road?454-4544

Zanzabar?2100 S. Preston St. 635-ZBAR

Zazoo’s?102 Bauer Ave. 894-8030

Zeppelin Café 1036 E. Burnett Ave. 365-3551