Bar Belle vs. Mr. Mug Shots

Oct 8, 2008 at 5:44 pm

The New Albanian Brewing Co. is hosting the Fringe Fest this weekend (Oct. 9-11) at the new Bank Street Brewhouse in New Albany. Mr. Mug Shots Roger Baylor agreed to answer a few questions.

Bar Belle: So is the Fringe Fest the first big event for the Bank Street Brewhouse?

Roger Baylor: Yes, and it may be the only one for a few more months. The completion of the Brewhouse currently awaits local bankers to kindly take note of the trickle-down effect of last week’s financial bailout, and so we thought it would be appropriate to christen the empty shell with beer, music, art and the Derby City Roller Girls — not necessarily in that order.

BB: Where did the name “Fringe Fest” come from?

RB: It’s a directional tool. NABC always hovers on the fringe of respectability, and the venue on Bank Street is on the fringe of the traditional Harvest Homecoming territory.

BB: Is it a way to celebrate Harvest Homecoming without having to settle for shitty beer?

RB: It’s an enviable alternative to the Swill Walk, that’s for sure. Note that I’m not picking on those sensitive megabreweries by name.

BB: Do the bands get free beer?

RB: Free beer isn’t just in the rider. It is the rider.

BB: Do your fellow columnists get free beer?

RB: I didn’t know the Bar Belle played an instrument! 

BB: If it’s someone’s first time with your beer … where would you recommend they start, to make it an enjoyable experience without pain?

RB: Normally I’d say no pain, no gain, but since Fringe Fest marks the return of Tunnel Vision, a Belgian-style rye wheat ale that we haven’t brewed in a while, I’d pick it for starters. There’ll also be Wet Knob, a pale ale brewed in part with locally grown hops.

BB: Can I challenge you to a chugging contest? 

RB: That would be an honor, although don’t forget that you’ve previously commanded: “Thou shalt not kill a drink in less than 10 minutes.” It won’t be Drunky in Kentucky, it’ll be Tawdry in New Albany.

Bank Street Brewhouse is located at 415 Bank St. in New Albany. For more info, go to