Tuesday Tracklist: The Char, Deady, Belushi Speed Ball, and More (3/19)

Mar 19, 2024 at 12:29 pm
Tuesday Tracklist: The Char, Deady, Belushi Speed Ball, and More (3/19)

In this weekly feature, a different LEO staff member will share 7–10 of the songs they've got on repeat right now. (Songs by Louisville artists are marked with an asterisk.) Got a track that you think we'd like? Let us know at [email protected] or at the author's email below.  You can also keep up with our Tuesday Tracklist and Listen Local picks on our LEO Weekly Spotify account.

The Char — "Be Still" *
You gotta love The Char! Their music is so upbeat and fun, and vocalist/guitarist Chuck Baxter just exudes such joy in his vocals that you can't help but smile. Although it's easy to lump them in as a punk band, their sound is diverse enough that they would fit in on just about any bill. While "Be Still" has an early '80s pogo punk sound, their next song may have more of a Talking Heads feel to it, and the song after that may be a little more folk sounding, and the song after that may have a bit of a country twang to it. But the great thing about The Char is they make it all work — each song flowing perfectly alongside each other regardless of style while retaining that feel and charm that make all of their songs so irresistibly enjoyable. That being said, I sincerely regret not including this track on my favorite local songs for 2023 list back in December.

Quiet Confidence — "What Do You Say?"
Speaking of the favorite local songs list, I can already say for certain that this track is going to be one of my picks for 2024. "What Do You Say?" is a perfect example of tension and release in music. This track starts with a simple acoustic guitar rhythm and vocals, and then gradually building on it by doubling the vocals and introducing piano, keyboards, and bass into the mix, resulting in a stellar crescendo that just absolutely explodes with the introduction of the drums, then revels in a fantastic high-energy for a bit before bringing it all back down at the end. The lyrics — dealing with living in the moment and enjoying life — round out this all-around amazing tune.

Deady — "R.I.P." *
Unfortunately, I hadn’t given Deady much of a shot until recently, and obviously I've missed out on a lot! Deady have established themselves as one of Louisville's premiere punk bands, and with good reason. Excuse the pun, but "R.I.P." rips! The song shifts seamlessly back and forth between the calm and the chaotic - lulling the listener into a state of ease during the verses before full-on punching you in the face with the chorus. Mandy Keathley's vocals shine on this track, flowing from peaceful to raging in perfect sync with the energy of the song. Deady is a prime example of the amazing things going on in the Louisville music scene.

Sergeant Thunderhoof — "Absolute Blue"
If you can get past the band name, there is a lot to offer here. The band started out with more of a NWOBHM throwback sound ten years ago, but really came into their own on their 2022 album This Sceptred Veil. Drawing on the ancient myths and legends of the South West of England, the band has created an epic progressive metal sound that is distinctly all their own. I've had this album since it came out and have always enjoyed it, but it never really grew on me until this past month. Tracks like this one, "You've Stolen The Words", and "King Beyond The Gates" have pretty much dominated my playlist the past few weeks. At least up until last week when I discovered the band Sundrifter.

Sundrifter — "Begin Again"
Based on a suggestion in a Facebook group I'm in for the band King Buffalo, I checked out Boston, MA-based trio Sundrifter's latest album An Earlier Time last week and was immediately floored! Have you ever teared up from hearing music so absolutely incredible you can't believe it actually exists? I have now. Imagine Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, U2, Alice in Chains, and Deftones all together, all at once — creating an ethereal, fuzzed out type of space rock that is quite unlike anything else out there - and the result is absolutely stunning! I went from never having heard of them to being completely obsessed within an hour. This past week, all three of Sundrifter's albums have been on repeat for me, as this is a sound I never knew I needed to hear so badly.

Belushi Speed Ball — "My Favorite Color is Pizza" *
Inspired by the bridge of death skit in one of the all-time greatest comedy movies, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Belushi Speed Ball's new single, (the first off their upcoming new album Stellkira), dares to ask the tough questions. It’s just the answer to those questions is pizza. Always pizza, regardless of the question. A song so important that it had to be released on an actual slice of pizza! No, I’m not joking - check out their merch page on Bandcamp, literally the greatest merch of any band ever. Musically, this is everything you’ve grown to love (or hate) about BSB — hard-driving, fast, technical, throwback mid-to-late-80's sounding thrashcore with fun, goofy lyrics. This track has actually been getting a lot of play on SiriusXM's Liquid Metal channel, so this may be BSB's biggest year yet!

The Remote Controls — “Shit Outta Luck”
I hadn't heard of this trio out of Indianapolis until I saw them listed on the bill for the upcoming April 5 show at PORTAL with Indignant Few, Terminus Victor, and Live Punk Rock Karaoke, and I'm glad I checked them out. Catchy as hell old school Ramones-style punk rock that is a solid mix of The Queers, Screeching Weasel, and NOFX. If you've never heard them before, their anti-Trump song "Shit Outta Luck" is a great place to start!

Indignant Few — "Deadbeat" *
Speaking of that April 5 show at PORTAL, Louisville punk legends Indignant Few put out this great new track a few months ago, which is the second single off their upcoming release, (I believe it's an EP and it's coming out this Spring on the reactivated Better Days Records). Great snotty punk and roll tune that captures the energy of their early '90s stuff perfectly, but with much tighter musicianship, (they were just kids back then, they're seasoned pros now). They are capable of so much more now than they were back then, and with the introduction of the new fifth member, I'm excited to see where they take it.

Helmet — “Unsung”
If you look at this year's Louder Than Life lineup really closely, you might notice Helmet buried deep down in there. I, for one, am very excited to see them on the bill again because their set at the 2022 LTL was one of the highlights of the festival for me. Under vocalist/guitarist Page Hamilton (the only original member left in the band), they have released numerous albums over the years, but it's still 1992's Meantime that defines them. And even after 32 years, it still holds up perfectly — sounding as fresh and modern today as it did back then. The band found that perfect sweet spot between post-hardcore, alt-rock and metal that won them fans across numerous genres. Although it's their most well-known song, "Unsung" is only one of several great tunes on the album. If you haven't given the full Meantime album a spin in a while, do so. You'll be glad you did.

King Buffalo — Centurion

Truthfully, every song on this list could've been King Buffalo songs, as I listen to them incessantly. It's been that way for a couple years now. They're the only band that I've never gotten burnt out on after repeated listenings, and that I honestly love every song they've created. With a sound that falls somewhere along the lines of a combination of Pink Floyd, Rush, Tool, and Black Sabbath, they have developed an almost cult-like following, and for good reason. I mentioned tension and release with the Quiet Confidence song above, this band has mastered the art of it and coupled it with that quiet, loud, quiet dynamic for a truly immersive soundscape. Although picking a favorite song of theirs is difficult, "Centurion" is certainly a top contender. That slow, brooding, dark tone of the song that builds up and it all kicks it at the 3:10 mark, then the heavy jam that follows until they bring it back down at the end is a thing of beauty to get lost in.