The New Albany Production House’s final concert, featuring 1200, is on Saturday

Feb 26, 2016 at 7:57 pm
The New Albany Production House’s final concert, featuring 1200, is on Saturday

The New Albany Production House (1736 E. Main St., New Albany) is having its farewell concert on Saturday, The Big Damn Jam Party, featuring 1200, Jet Black Orchid, DJ Brios and The Free Should Effect.

“The show is to specifically celebrate everything that we have done in the past,” co-owner Cory Pollard says. “It’s going to be a party atmosphere, so everyone can come in and just relax and enjoy themselves. We will be serving beer. It’s just going to be a real good time.”

The Production House is shutting down because the building’s landlord is selling, and Pollard and co-owner Richie Ray are not able to afford a loan to purchase the building. They have operated the 331-person capacity venue for almost three years. Pollard said the attendance was starting to grow, and he felt they had some momentum behind them.

“Probably the hardest part is whenever people message us from, like, California and say, ‘Hey, we heard about your place and we want to come and throw a show out there,’” he says. “And, of course, they send all their info and YouTube video and they’re really good. It’s heartbreaking with that because we were growing, we were getting our name across the United States for all of the touring bands, and all of the local bands loved playing there because it was close to home and it was always a good outcome.”

While they lost the space, their business will continue in non-booking capacities.

“Primarily, we’ll still be able to offer all of our services — graphic design work, merchandising orders, recording and any type of videography you would need as well,” Pollard say.

Find more info about the concert, click here.