Sep 4, 2013 at 5:00 am

Drinking games

Which came first, the music or the alcohol? For CatFight, the answer might be “both.” With their first EP coming out, the band plays a release show at Haymarket Whiskey Bar on Saturday. LEO spoke with guitarist Erica Sellers about drinking, music and drinking.

LEO: Have any of you gotten in a catfight with each other lately?

Erica Sellers: Umm … not lately. Only if we drink too much does that occasionally happen, but then we make up the next day. It’s all fun and games. We’ve all learned to avoid the bourbon.

LEO: Do you have any Gaga-esque plans for your show?

ES: We thought about getting some live cats on the stage while we played, and then we decided that would probably be a horrible idea. No, we’re just all going to be ourselves and have fun on stage, buy everybody shots …

LEO: If that goes in print, it’s going to cost you.

ES: I know, right? I feel like every time we go to Haymarket, any money we make we end up putting back into the bar.

LEO: So what’s the real priority here?

ES: The real priority’s obviously the playing — and, after our shows, we do like to drink. We focus on putting on a good show for everybody, which requires us to drink hardly any before the show, and then afterward, we like to chill with everyone who came out, have a good time and get to know everyone.

LEO: What’s your favorite song to play live?

ES: I really enjoy playing “Who Gives a F—” Oh, sorry.

LEO: You can say it.

ES: “Who Gives a Fuck” is one of my favorite songs to play. I like what it’s about, and everybody seems to really enjoy it. Their mouths drop when they realize there’s about 50 fucks in the song. That’s really fun.