Vote On Germantown's Official Cocktail Before "Eat, Drink, Germantown" On April 18

Stop by any of the participating locations in Germantown to try their creative competition entries.
Who doesn't love a good cocktail competition — especially one where you get to decide the winner!

Beginning April 8, participating Germantown bars and restaurants will create unique cocktails that represent the Germantown neighborhood. The winning cocktail will be announced at Eat, Drink, Germantown on April 18th and served to all who attend.

Eat, Drink, Germantown will take place at Germantown Gables celebrating the best of Germantown's culinary scene while supporting local business. Tickets are $45 and include samples from each food, beer, or cocktail vendor. Proceeds will directly benefit the non-profit organization Greater Germantown Business Association.

Take a look at the cocktail competitions participating locations and cast your vote on the Greater Germantown site.
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HopAtomica's "Oh, She's Dainty"

A dainty cocktail with Wild Turkey 101, Aperol, and in house "super lemon" a touch of aque faba to shake, and in house Chili Oil Aromatic lift.
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Haucks Deconstructed Spaghet

A deconstructed Spaghet showcasing our staff's cocktail capabilities while also giving the people of Germantown an option to lean more into the casual appetites of the neighborhood.

Ingredients: Wild Turkey, Gran Marnier, Hauck's Pilsner Reduction Syrup, Lemon, Soda, with a Campari Float.
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This is a drink that is best enjoyed on the fringes of cold seasons as the weather is warming up or cooling off. Definitely perfect for spring to encourage the warmth! There’s been some rock solid rum drinks made around Germantown for a few years now but this one in particular is best enjoyed on a sunny patio with a burger or a hot dog, if you catch my drift.

Ingredients: White rum, Campari, strawberry allspice syrup, lime juice
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We're just some beer slingers showing this neighborhood we ain't no one-trick pony.

Ingredients:Macerated strawberry puree, JOTO yuzu sake, pineapple, Campari, rum, clarified yogurt
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Canary Club

We wanted to make something that captures the essence of Germantown, a close-knit community driven by neighborhood friends. The Breeze's Cold Brew, Campari, and a vino amaro paired with an Underberg ties together something quintessentially Germantown, an unlikely friendship that you'll grow to love. Best served with a buddy!

Ingredients: Underberg, Pasubio, Aperol, Cold Brew with Coconut and Vanilla
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MerryWeather's AKA the Schnitzel-Bürd

This drink needed to skew German, or what the hell was the point!? Jagermeister was the first step, then. It had to be Kentucky, so bourbon was the next. To keep it tropical, as our house style suggests, pineapple followed. We then sought to craft a shaken Jagermeister sour that mimicked a Jungle Bird, but where rich honey stepped in for the sweet, and lemon stole the sour spotlight. Angostura bitters then added the spice, and so we could officially call it, dare we say, tiki. A spritz of Campari begins the glass.

Ingredients: Jagermeister, Bourbon, Pineapple, Honey, Lemon, Angostura, Spritz of Campari
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