PHOTOS: The Oddities And Curiosities Expo Brought The Wild And The Weird To Louisville

The Oddities & Curiosities Expo stopped in Louisville this past Saturday, Feb. 4, and brought with it all manner of kooky and spooky. From taxidermied animals to preserved (human?) eyeballs, the show, held at the Kentucky Expo Center, was not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. We all gagged at least once during the show but had an excellent time just the same. 

My son is a big fan of any anime and popular TV art, and he came home with a haul of stickers, posters, and a Pikachu figurine with half of its skeleton exposed. It’s far more adorable than it could ever be creepy. 

There were sideshow-style performances: sword swallowers, contortionists, and ragtime music. For an extra $7, you could check out the pop-up oddities museum. We skipped the extras, though, because there was more than enough to see on the main floor.

The only drawback was the crowd. With so many excited onlookers and shoppers, it was difficult to spend time in a booth because there were always a significant number of people waiting for your spot. All things considered and crowd aside, this was a fun family day. I’ve got a new collection of “Killer Klowns From Outer Space” swag, t-shirts, and witchy things that I’m excited about.

We didn’t get many photos, but here are a few cell phone shots so you can see some of what you might have missed. If the expo comes back next year, get your ticket and your spot in line early. It is guaranteed to be packed again.

Photos by Erica Rucker
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Family fun photo
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Nerd Alert Booth at Oddities Expo
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Pikachu half skeleton
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octopus in globe
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Tarantula under glass
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preserved snake in globe
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preserved snake in bottle
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Two-headed skull
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bloody doll hand with nail
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preserved eyeball
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preserved clear lizards
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Bird Skeleton
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bunny cat with horns taxidermy
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Rat skeleton with horns taxidermy
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Creep Show Booth at Oddities and Curiosities expo
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