For Better Or Worse, These Vintage Louisville Commercials Will Take You Way Back

Photo By Marty Messex
An overdose of nostalgia coming your way. We love these collections of old local commercials that remind us of the good, and not so good things in our local past. Some commercials had jingles that we'd never forget, even some that we wished we could. These vintage Louisville commercials show a snapshot of a city on the brink of truly understanding its charms.

Thank you to Augustv123 for allowing us to mine your collection. 
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It's that time of year. Happy Derby Folks!

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Yikes, This did not age well. The business still exists, but this commercial is rightfully filed away with history.

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Bugle Boy was a big deal but someone forgot to iron

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Sorry, to all the boys who thought this was a real girl's phone number. Thanks Mr. Gatti's for getting us out of so many sticky situations.

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Man, if only we had listened. This jingle was not a bad tune but Nancy Reagan's 'Just Say No' campaign was a bust."

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No place else feels like Druther's. This was a family spot in the '80s

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The way this place still lives in spirit in this town. Will Ear X-tacy ever rise again? Maybe not but we're lucky we've got several other record stores to love.

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Not the big 3-0...I guess that was the sign we all needed to start shopping at Stewart's and dressing like minivan moms. Don't attack us, minivan moms.

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Ok, did anyone expect to see Woody Harrelson or Jack Harlow? Maybe you all have memories of these events?

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This place was a hangout and we always had a friend working there.

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Remember wanting to wear a dead animal? It was the peak of luxury in the '80s, and Yudofsky was (still probably is) the place to get the latest fur coats and accessories."

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Time has not been kind to the newspaper business. We're due for a change. Support your local journalists, ask us how.

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First Baby? No problem. Here's a dose of anxiety to start you off right.

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The amount of hair bleach was unreal in local wrestling.

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The Pickles Pickle People Pick...Yep, we too are suckers for alliteration.

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Who didn't love Louie the Lightning Bug?

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We'll take any or all of these cars.

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Whose dad is this in a pile of dusty sweaters?

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Oh, Kid's Club. That had to be an awkward day at school.

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Some like it rough. Get your minds, out of the gutter. We're talking about furniture. The rough room was very popular.

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