All the Debauchery We Saw in the Kentucky Derby 2022 Infield

Derby's not all about the horses — it's just as much about the joyous debauchery that happens in the Infield, made famous by Hunter S. Thompson's famous essay "The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved."

LEO spent much of the day in the Infield — and, briefly, a few other places at the Downs — taking photos of the people who'd come to drink, dance, and do Derby at the first "normal" one of its kind that Churchill Downs has held since 2019.

We've got shots of some of the groups, the fashions and the reactions — to wins, to losses and to the brief appearance of former president Donald Trump, who was there for a fundraiser, on the Big Board.

Photos by Carolyn Brown • [email protected] • @cebrownphoto
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