Bar Belle: One moment in time

Feb 22, 2012 at 6:00 am
Bar Belle: One moment in time

I heard the news of Whitney Houston’s death while sitting in a booth at the Barret Bar. My first thoughts: “It can’t be!”; “Another hoax?”; “I never got to see her in concert!”; “Is it too late to swap out Celine Dion?”; “I’m gonna need another drink.”

And then I remembered the book report I did on Whitney in the fifth grade. The assignment was to pick out a biography and do a class presentation. While most kids did theirs on esteemed folks like Nancy Reagan, Susan B. Anthony, JFK and Mother Teresa, I set my sights on Whitney and dazzled my audience with facts about her mom, her famous relatives and her love of singing in church. And by dazzled, I mean turned beet red, mumbled a few sentences while making eye contact with the floor and probably peed myself a little — which, coincidentally, happens to this day when I try to flirt.

Anyway, my point? I think I lost it way before “peed,” but the Barret Bar will forever be marked in my brain as the place I found out Whitney Houston died. I have similar flashbulb memories of Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Sept. 11 and the Challenger explosion — moments in time that will never fade from my mind. And while thinking about all these depressing events, it kinda makes me want to create some “flashdance” memories, so to speak — living in the moment, living without regret, remembering your first kiss, your first beer, your first romp in a back seat, your first love. Make new memories. Dance with reckless abandon. Dance with somebody. Feel the heat with somebody. Live a life that resembles your Facebook page — all parties and smiles. Get your back up off the wall.

Bar of the Week
I woke up the other day with my clothes still on, contacts still in … but somehow, an epiphany managed to worm its way out of my heavy hangover. I should highlight a bar each week — A) to spread some love to our locally owned watering holes, and B) to get me out of my comfort zone and into the hundreds of bars we have in this fine city. Some you will know, some will be surprises, and others will be discoveries on my quest to leave no bar unturned. I’m open to suggestions and drinking buddies, so drop me a line and let me know your favorite spot.

First up is Check’s Café, much to the chagrin of my friends. Check’s has been our little Tuesday night secret for the past month, and there’s been fear that if I write about it, it’ll become way too crowded and spoil the atmosphere. I reassured them that not many people read this, and it’ll be fine. And then they made me buy two rounds for insurance. Lucky for me, the rounds were dirt cheap, as Tuesday nights are $2 draft nights, meaning every single one of the 19 taps is $2 … well, unless you want domestics, and then a pint is only $1.50! I’m not sure how that hit you, but let me spell it out. We’re talking $2 Guinness, $2 Stella, $2 Southern Tier IPA, $2 Sierra Nevada, $2 Blue Moon, etc. Get my draft, er, drift? This is the deal of the century, and no Bush was involved in its inception.

Check’s has been in operation since 1944 … meaning its been catering to its Germantown customers for almost 70 years! And it’s actually more well known for its food than cheap drinks. Every Tuesday since I’ve been going, hoards of neighbors file in to place orders for old-style cheeseburgers, chili, fried chicken and lots more. Sometimes the friendly bartender Erin can hardly keep up. But there’s no rushing at Check’s — and Erin will get to you eventually, so check your need for instant gratification at the door.

Check’s Café is located at 1101 E. Burnett Ave. I hear the trivia nights on Wednesdays can get pretty crazy, and there’s karaoke on Thursdays and Saturdays. Call 637-9515 for more info.

Drunk Texts of the Week
• He was lke datng a dog. Wanted 2 bury his bone n my backyard & pee on my bush
• I quit chewing gum so I smoke a lot of cigarettes
• I buy my dick pills like a boss!
• The truth is somewhere between the 2nd and 15th drink

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