Bae’s Baekery To Take Over Former Sweet Surrender Cafe Location

Mar 30, 2023 at 1:48 pm
Griffin and Abigail McGreevy in front of the former location of Sweet Surrender Dessert Café.
Griffin and Abigail McGreevy in front of the former location of Sweet Surrender Dessert Café. Photo via Bae's Baekery/Instagram

Bae’s Baekery is making the move to Clifton to offer more on-premises dining. The bakery will take over the former Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe location at 1804 Frankfort Avenue, with a tentative opening date in the second week of May.

Started by Abigail McGreevy with support from her now-husband, Bae’s Baekery offers a variety of baked goods, including jumbo stuffed cookies, custom wedding cakes, brownies, cake slices, and cinnamon rolls.

While the wife-and-husband duo didn’t originally set out to be bakers, their passions for baking and entrepreneurship took over quickly and led them down an unexpected path in 2019.

“It was all inspired just because we started making these jumbo cookies out of our house,” McGreevy told LEO. “It grew so exponentially that I was going to Brandeis School of Law [and] deferred my tuition. My husband was an electrician; he quit his job, and we just tried to put all of our eggs in one basket.”

The current location of Bae’s Baekery in Old Louisville (1164 S. Brook St.) has a large kitchen, but very limited seating. McGreevy said she is excited to offer baked goods and coffee drinks in a new space with dining inside and outside.

She also said that the bakery intends to keep the Old Louisville location, but will give it a variety of other uses, like offering baking classes and serving as a workspace for creatives to use. 

The bakery will be holding a silent auction on Saturday, April 15, from 6-9 p.m. at their current location to raise money for unexpected costs, labor, and equipment during their transition to the new location. Auction prizes include a three-tiered wedding cake, eyelash extensions, and Botox.