6 Louisville Food Challenges That Make Eating A Competition

Nov 16, 2021 at 1:23 pm
"The Greatest" Challenge Burger at Four Pegs
"The Greatest" Challenge Burger at Four Pegs Via Facebook/Four Pegs

If you can eat, you can win. Indulge your taste buds and your competitive side at the same time with these local food challenges, featuring massive burgers, dangerously hot wings and more.

The Massive Gibbon Challenge 

The challenge: Groups of four only; eat a 30-inch pizza in 40 minutes

Prize: Comped meal, a $100 DiOrio’s gift card, a free t-shirt, a photo on the Wall of Fame 

DiOrio’s Pizza & Pub, 919 Baxter Ave. and 310 Wallace Ave.

This isn’t a solo challenge –– it’s for “4 deranged individuals,” not the 10-15 people that the pizza would normally feed, according to DiOrio’s. If you and your three hungriest friends think you can conquer this gargantuan pizza… well, you’ll certainly make a memory out of the attempt. Some have tried to conquer the beast, few have succeeded, but we say go for it.

"The Greatest" Challenge Burger 

The challenge: eat a gigantic burger and sides in 24 minutes 

Prize: comped meal, free t-shirt

Four Pegs Smokehouse & Bar, 1053 Goss Ave.

A challenge meal named after Muhammad Ali is guaranteed to be a heavy hitter, and this one is a doozy: you have to eat “three 1/2 lb. patties, 1/4 lb. pulled pork, 1/4 lb. brisket, 1/4 lb. pork belly burnt ends, 6 slices of cheese, 6 fried green tomatoes, 12 fried Pegs pickles, bourbon bacon jam, onion rings, beer cheese, our award-winning chili, and a double order of fries,” according to the restaurant. Finish it in 24 minutes –– the length of Ali’s legendary “Rumble in the Jungle” fight –– and you win a free t-shirt. Fail to finish it and you pay a steep price –– $55, plus your dignity. That’ll wallop harder than a punch from Ali himself!


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The Homicide Challenge

The challenge: eat 10 extra-spicy wings in 10 minutes without drinks

Prize: comped wings, a free t-shirt, your photo featured on the restaurant’s TVs

Rootie's Sports Bar & Grille, 12205 Westport Road

No, these wings won’t kill you, but they’d certainly like to try. If you can handle eating 10 “homicide wings” in 10 minutes, with no drinks, sauces, or other foods to accompany them, you can probably survive anything. Each winner gets their meal comped, plus a free T-shirt and their photo on the restaurant’s TVs.

The Fat Teddy Burger Challenge

The challenge: eat a 5-pound burger and side of fries in 60 minutes

Prize: comped meal, free-shirt

Chubby Ray’s Pizza, 3910 Ruckriegel Parkway

This behemoth of a burger is truly a sight to behold –– seriously, look at this. Do you think you can finish it in an hour? (Or, y’know, at all?) If you do, you get a free t-shirt, and your $64.95 challenge meal is free. One caveat, though –– you have to call the restaurant 24 hours in advance so the staff can prepare the burger (and themselves) for your arrival.

Triple Big Dixie Challenge

The challenge: eat a 3-pound burger and side of fries in 30 minutes 

Prize: a free t-shirt

Christi’s Cafe, 12810 Dixie Highway

This adorable pink diner has a tough challenge in store for those who dare: can you finish three pounds of meat (plus fries) in only half an hour? If so, you win a free t-shirt. 

The Comfy Cow Sundae Challenge 

The challenge: eat a 15-scoop ice cream sundae loaded with toppings in 1 hour

Prize: free T-shirt, a spot on the Wall of Fame, plus varied prizes, which can include things like stickers, gift cards, ice cream scoops, or cow plushies

The Comfy Cow, Multiple locations

Talk about a great way to get brain freeze. Eating 15 scoops of ice cream, plus a boatload of toppings, in one hour –– just the thought of it gives me the chills! A few caveats –– you still have to pay for the sundae ($49.95 plus tax) if you finish, and you can’t do the challenge within an hour of a store’s closing time. Still, if you finish it, you’ll know that you’re the only thing cooler than being cool.

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