Klan-KKK cosplay, we forget mass shooters

So by the time anyone reads this, we’ll either be packing our bags and preparing to apply for Canadian residency and be cocking a snoot at Bevin, McConnell and all the other fascist nabobs we’ve had to endure since 2016, or the cavalry will have arrived.

We need to have a word in Young Yarmuth’s shell-like [Ed. note: ear]. With Tuesday voting, this Wednesday publishing schedule is very bad form. I’m pretty sure the old fart who wrote in to LEO recently to complain about your foul language would delight in the knowledge that the blue wave didn’t happen and that you’re being given the elbow. As it is, the silly, old fucker will have to wait another fortnight to find out.

If we’ve now got Mayor Leet, he won’t have to wait long; this will probably be our last column. The tanks will be tearing up Broadway — her idea of urban restructuring — and Louisville, or as she likes to think of it, the Mogadishu of the Bluegrass, will already be under martial law.

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