Learning to love Pitino, Bevin’s overpaid tech bloke and another right-wing bigot

Do you think people would take us more seriously if we wrote this article anonymously? It is an op-ed after all. Anonymity is all the rage in big media circles.

Well, since nobody believes you actually contribute to this, you’re as good as anonymous already. As we both know, since I’m the best-known, best-loved and best-looking one, I get the praise. Or I would if there was any, but I’m probably lucky I’m not getting pelted with rotten cabbages in the stocks twice a month for this. So there’s no need to worry, son — keep writing the way you do, and your identity will remain a well-kept secret.

Very amusing. Anonymous publishing has such an old school quality to it, though, like the early days of the printing press rebellion. Plus, I feel as if my life would be vastly improved if my public collaboration with you were to end. I could achieve the approbation my talent richly deserves — and that my association with you denies me.

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