Doctors, farmhands, gun nuts, dropping trou and… forecastle beards

Terrible, all of these conventions pulling out of Louisville just because the rest of Kentucky feels icky about the gays, is it not?

I don’t believe that for one second. Or at least I don’t believe that anyone was about to sign on the line that’s dotted and decided against it because of California’s travel ban. I mean, look at who used to come to Louisville for conventions — the NRA and Future Farmers of America. If anything, our state’s history of discriminatory legislation would make them more willing to come here, not less.

A medical association and a research association according to the Visitors’ Bureau. Which, rather than making me believe Mayor Fischer’s claim more, actually makes me believe it less. Outside of their own sphere of understanding, a large number of doctors and researchers are just as bigoted and provincial as farmhands and gun nuts.

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