Sandbox VR Is Opening Its First Kentucky Location

Apr 26, 2023 at 3:40 pm
Sandbox VR Is Opening Its First Kentucky Location
Davy Jones image provided by Sandbox VR.

On Friday, April 28 Oxmoor Center will host the grand opening for its first Kentucky location of Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR is a full-body virtual reality experience that immerses users in whatever game they choose to play. Games include — but are not limited to — “Deadwood Valley,” a zombie apocalypse townscape, and “Curse of Davy Jones,” a battle among the seas during the search for Davy Jones’ treasure. 

Founder and CEO of Sandbox VR, Steve Zhao, said in a press release that he is thrilled to be opening the business’ first Kentucky location in Louisville. 

“We’re excited to bring our world-class VR experience to the Louisville community, and give them the opportunity to experience a whole new reality,” said Zhao.

The new Oxmoor Center location will have four private rooms, known as “holodecks,” for gaming. Each holodeck can hold four to six players. The games are designed to be a social experience for friends, family, and co-workers according to Sandbox VR. 

Each player will be equipped with a VR headset, haptic vest, backpack, and motion sensors for wrists and ankles. By using these forms of technology, players will be able to see and physically interact with one another in the virtual world. 

After gaming sessions, guests will also receive personalized “highlight” videos of their experience. 

Guests who book their experience with Sandbox VR by Thursday, April 27 will receive a discounted rate of $39 per person. They will also automatically be entered for a chance to win free Sandbox VR visits for a year.