Aleksandra Stone Brings 'Cowboy Inferno' To Garner Narrative Fine Art

The exhibition of paintings and poems opens Memorial Day weekend.

May 24, 2024 at 4:38 pm
Aleksandra Stone Brings 'Cowboy Inferno' To Garner Narrative Fine Art
Aleksandra Stone

A "Cowboy Inferno" is coming to Louisville. NuLu gallery garner narrative curates work with personal-political content and its curators celebrate the generative messiness of the processes involved in the work they display. Opening Memorial Day weekend, the gallery will feature the work of Aleksandra Stone, a Yugoslavian-born American photographer, painter, and multimedia artist based in Dallas. Her solo exhibition opens Friday, May 24. A reception with the artist is Sunday, May 26.

Stone says her art practice investigates the way "the passage of time shapes the perception of lived experiences, diminishing, or reinforcing plot points that become the framework for the story we tell of ourselves." Her work examines identity through the lens of ancestry, immigration, trauma, and humor, often using her own body as a subject and a visual element of her photographs and paintings.

In "Cowboy Inferno," Stone presents a sequence of paintings with a playful, almost childlike use of line, form, and color, all accompanied by poems. The narrative of this exhibition introduces a protagonist, a bird-cowboy on an outlaw hero's journey through the American Southwest who explores themes of resilience and the search for meaning in a world of seemingly endless horizons. This is Stone's fourth solo exhibition at garner narrative and will include 11 paintings with companion poems in a zine. At the reception, Stone will present her work and read poems from the zine.

Cowboy Inferno
Reception with Aleksandra Stone
garner narrative contemporary fine art
642 E. Market St.

Sunday, May 26
2:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.